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  1. Damn nigga, its 2021 and some mfs still use forums to suggest stuff.
  2. +1 Weene pretty much summed all arguments and created good counter arguments in interesting usage of thesis, antithesis and synthesis on why this man should in fact be unbanned from NSDAP discord. Obviously the man is so based he made even the HC seeth, cope and possibly even dilate.
  3. Few things, this should be rather called something like "Berlin Mosque" and instead of being lead by literal mufti of palestina it should be lead by whatever person leads mosque. Which would be historically accurate as the Berlin mosque in real life had about 300 000 muslims during the war. Also, on the server mosque has somewhat worked for past weeks compared to embassy which was pretty much dead. Thus honestly, this should replace Embassy spot in the custom groups.
  4. Name: Adolf Seidel TS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]: Cant check as my normal pc with ts3 is being repaired though i would truly love to receive this medal on discord. Requested Medal: Distinguished Service Medal Evidence: Meme about me from 2.1.2019 which is pinned in WW2 RP discord shitposting, meaning i was already in the community by that time. (link to the message: Extra Information: I was NSDAP HC and moderator on the server.
  5. Considering the farm is supposed to more or less represent Oranienburg which was run by SA between 1933 and 1934 and which was openly called KZ or Concentration Camp its fair to say that what we have in game should be called the same. For Lewic, Sachsenhausen was not a farm lead by SA. It truly was a SS concentration camp which had parts even for Jews and Russian POWs. So i doubt it is "more portrayed as farm run by SA". Though what i think the person is talking about is that farm should be now used as place for Reich ammo and weaponry manufacture ran by SA using Civs or Illegal gr
  6. Cmon man, maybe it wont be abused this time. And it was tested once, cmon men,men,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Still less then Luftwaffe custom group.
  7. I wonder, by "normal NSDAP one" you mean the civi with armband i hope? Since you know, majority of Ministry officials werent NSDAP Political leaders and it would be honestly pretty autistic to see bunch of yellow/orange niggers running around the city with PPKs being like "Noooooo im delivering mail". Though, arent you like big NSDAP nigga? Like, cant you literally make this one of the 6 000 000 sub-offices Hauptamt has currently? Instead of adding another NSDAP "division-unit" (whatever you want to call it) that wont really do much besides either getting kidnapped or being spied
  8. The fact that you are older than 16 and made this group suggestion makes it even more sad and says even more about your sex life. This is straight up what no pussy does to mfs. Though it does seem that you got defensive when confronted about your sex life. Not gonna go deeper into that or i might discover some daddy/mommy problems. Regardless, everyone here knows this suggestion is getting denied due to good amount of reasons already stated. So this is just laughing place for us at this point.
  9. Obviously you will tolerate it because you cant do anything about it pussy. Maybe you should get some bitches on yo dick instead of posting this trash retard.