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  1. -1 Although the people that banned you are were not the most reliable or professional, you very clearly show that you have no actual interest in being unbanned. This says it all really.
  2. +1/Neutral Gametracker has no records of your friend having ever played on the server, so the "years ago" part makes sense. If it was really just RDM + Propkill, unbanning him would make sense, but the perma ban seems suspicious. It is very unlikely for him to have been perma'd because of that, so I assume we are either not hearing the whole story, or your friend tried to log in with an alt and didn't tell you.
  3. +1 E-11 Commander here. A good 457 is impossible to contain. Hell, a 457 that knows how to use the SWEP is already near impossible. If you bodyblock 457 with 4 containment units, all using the size reducer, 457 will still be able to kill all of you with the SWEP before you contain it. No amount of teamwork would help. I did some testing when 457 was first changed to it's current state; One size reducer can negate two people on fire. Essentially, if ANYONE that is not containment is near 457, we can't contain it. If 457 is small and running around, dodging the size reducer, you can't cont
  4. You can edit posts, just saying. -1 It is actually Impossible for a mistake like this to occur. If you could join the server even though you are banned, that would mean an error in GMod itself, and not the server. The ability to ban people exists in the base game, a system to ban people that evade said ban does not. Accidental or not, you definitely logged in with another account.
  5. -1 Not just because of the obvious plagiarism (TRO and CS aren'T even on the server. What reason would you have to mention them?), but also because he has only spent like 6 hours on the server in the last 2 months.
  6. +1 According to the incredibly helpful GameTracker, he was banned in January with 30 minutes of playtime. I think he deserves a second chance. He also seems to have like 500 hours on a militaryRP server, so I don't think he's a minge.
  7. -1 Clearly not mature enough to be allowed to return.
  8. What he said. The terminal can be set up to allow communication between them, and you can create text documents. I believe the modem is broken and doesn't work. Conclusion: Use your imagination and do HelpdeskRP or something like that.
  9. NEUTRAL - I am not here to state my opinion. I just factchecked some of the things that he claimed. Playtime: Adding up the playtime of his known steam names on gametracker shows that he is not lying. How long will you be able to play: The stated 6-8 hours per day are not supported by the data given on gametracker On the left is Noah's playtime, on the right is mine for comparison. The historical data of your current steam name shows far less time per day. Remember, the total playtime of all names adds up properly, so the data is probably correct. Previous staff experi
  10. Neutral/+1 + I believe in second chances + Seems to regret what he did - Has over a day of playtime, so should have known better (https://www.gametracker.com/player/will.smith04/
  11. -1 Viktor said it all, really. You were given several chances to stop and you didn't.
  12. Neutral/+1 There seem to be enough witnesses, but still: No real evidence provided.
  13. -1 Has provided no evidence that the warns are false.
  14. -1 The console makes no mistakes.
  15. +1 BUT Do not give anyone the Nobody SWEP. Even if the Fuhrer had no guns at all, it would give the group a massive intel advantage. It would also make it impossible to capture, or kill, the Fuhrer, as he can always use the SWEP to escape.