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  1. +1 I can't think of anything he could have done that would warrant this being denied. Hell, he could have tried bypassing the ban if it was that long ago. Money was reset at some point in 2019(?) so no need for that.
  2. -1 I was once detained by E-14 for cuffing someone that hacked a CP, even though I was the HoS. The last iteration of B-1 wrote a legal codex that specifically banned other people from enforcing laws. Other MTF are perfectly capable of enforcing laws. Previously that has led to B-1 and E-14 going on a powertrip and it will mostly likely happen again. Especially now that we have a legal codex.
  3. -1 If you knowingly break rules, you shouldn't expect staff to warn you first. Warns exist for people that make mistakes, not people that break rules on purpose.
  4. -1 Don't expect to get unbanned after such a short time. It is expected that you both read the rules before you play AND use common sense.
  5. That is the exact reason why this has been denied several times before. If you know when you are gonna breach, you can just tab out until you are about to breach. -1
  6. -1 Commands copied directly from this application https://werwolfgaming.net/forums/topic/4508-alexmagus-staff-application/
  7. We had confirmed disguised CI in the site at the time, so we had a good reason for the facescanning. +1 Restricting facescanning to when someone is suspicious, or when you know that CI are in the site, seems reasonable.
  8. +1 I remember both of your previous appeals and just had another look through them. I can clearly see that you have matured enough that SMT might consider unbanning you, especially since it has now been far over a year since you got banned. Edit: For people that don't know, witcher gates really don't like transporting props (or at least they used to) and moving props through them could crash the server.
  9. +1 If an infiltrator decides to throw a grenade into EZ Big, he should have to bear the consequences of that action, rather than it turning into a race to the disguise vendor before MTF can reorganize themselves. I'd personally remove the EZ Disguise Vendor entirely, but this is good enough.
  10. +1 for a warn Valid evidence, but kinda petty ngl
  11. Speaking IC as 999? Yes RDM? No, no valid evidence. Combat logs lack necessary context.
  12. For perma bans it's usually like a month in between each unban request.
  13. +1 It's been long enough and you sound sincere. Class-D have NLR, they just don't have an NLR zone.
  14. -1 While I understand that some people might want to use /roll for some things, I fear that it would just end up reducing RP in the long term. (Using /roll in interrogations or something like that)
  15. -1 The staff has given you several chances to change your name to something reasonable. You refused and said that Bruhburger is an acceptable name. Wait out the ban.