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  1. +1/Neutral I have never heard of to be honest, but CT says a lot of good things about you. Thats why I will pit a +1/neutral
  2. +1 He has played a lot on the server, super nice person and a nice batt app. I ahve no complaints. He really deserves a shot at battalion.
  3. Huge +1 He went above and beyond for DU. He is super nice and just great. He does not have a lot of play time on the server, but he learns extremly fast and would be a great asset to Battalion. The only thing he could never understand is how to build a decent barricade.
  4. +1 Such a lovely lad. I cant think of 1 thing I dont like about him. Great fit for battalion.
  5. +1 He is a great guy Good playtime Good Leader Can get a little easely frustrated when people dont listen during events Couldnt meme even if his life dependent on it Overall a great fit for battalion.
  6. Out of Character Section - Steam Name: Nice Llama Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:148832269 Current rank on the server: 212th CPL Age: 17 What is your playtime: 8 weeks, 0 days and 19 hours Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: The mic is good quality and I have had very few problems with it. Sometimes my mic sounds like a robot, but that can be fixed if I just unplug and plug the mic in again. Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes I have Do you meet the requirements: I think I meet the requirements, the only thing I can conf
  7. What your suggestion is: I want that the bacta gets cheaperScriptfodder/workshop link: N/AAny additional information: The reason for this is because right now it costs 3500 credits and of course that does not sound like a lot of money for person that has played for a while, but I belivie that everyone including new people should be able to buy bacta gel. I personaly have used probably multiple hundred thousands on bacta. So please make it cheaper. Maybe just revert the cost back to the old price.
  8. +1 Very nice person. Only bad side is that he hasnt been major+ in a while or very active before the last couple of days
  9. Neutral/+1 Darksider is a great guy and very nice. DU is in an ok position right now. They have 2 more SOs thats great for hiearachy and they have no trials right now. I dont think DU would go under with darksider joining battalion. There is only 1 thing that kinda drags him down a bit is that he lacks experience. Normally having just above 2 weeks playtime is -1 on the apps because most people that get accepted got more experience. I will say he is very good compared to his playtime, but I personally think he needs a little more experience before joining batt. Overall I
  10. Big +1 Great guy Very knowledgable Very active Very good leader Nice to talk to