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    +1 Talked about it in TS and sounded cool. Used the addon myself before and I enjoyed them very much. Can be used for separate purposes and they need re-fuelling, re-arming and repairing which can limit their effectiveness during combat if needed.
  2. -1 No, you were given a last chance, you should've respect the server rules and you didn't.
  3. What were you doing before you got banned? Did you shoot someone or get imprisoned?
  4. -1 You clearly haven't learnt anything from your previous bans. Just because you donated doesn't been you automatically have an un-ban pass/minge pass. Just sit it out
  5. Unfortunately, the warn is valid. Please "refresh" yourself with the server rules so this doesn't happen again:
  6. Neutral for the fists -1 for the fusion cutters Fists makes sense (for obvious reasons but you do have a sword) however with the fusion cutter you will get them repairing random peoples vehicles without having knowledge of them like other jobs.
  7. They are delicious biscuit treats sold in the UK. One is custard, the other one is chocolate.
  8. -1 I think the way events are at the moment are fine as they have actual structure to them. EPs can change spawns, give weapons and if needs be vehicles at the correct moment. 15K HP is just a breeder for HP rushing, and places like the GR wouldn't stand a chance. Events are only boring when you are getting absolutely annihilated and that doesn't happen often. Also a lot has changed since the 64 slot servers, and those type of events wouldn't really work anymore unless done by a small team of staff members as a back-up event.
  9. +1 Pretty cool map Lots of space Has a JT. Has a large file size Seems like it would be quite laggy but I can't be sure.
  10. +1 I tried it out in SP and it's really cool. Could be useful for EPs to use during events especially if they want it to be night for a certain event. It also has a very small file size.
  11. Didn't the damage get buffed when they nerfed the firerate?
  12. +1 Fair enough, it's been a few months. You've learnt from your mistake. Remember to read the rules.