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  1. +1 People change just please don`t bully me for captona :`(
  2. +1 This is a good application. I see all your hard work when you pressed 3 buttons on your keyboard.
  3. @Bansheey thanks for that. Still tho befor I write something I would like someone to hand some proof or more server staff confirming it
  4. Neutral he seems like a good guy/kid/woman (idk). But I would like a staff member to mabey show a screenshot of the ban reason. For now it's a neutral.
  5. +1 I mean come on guys it's been a year. He should get his second chance.
  6. -1 Raided my office when he was on Security Guard
  7. @Wire post the clip or mabey send it to me on discord.
  8. +1 Can we also add class d with noclip?
  9. Idc which cloak just let me be invisible.