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  1. -1 The entire idea didn't work even in SCP lore Scp682 just started growing extra eyes and 173 coudln't grab his neck just annoyed him And it won't work here with 200iq SCP-RP rules
  2. It was in RP everyone has to follow legal codex and everyone can and have to enfore it it has nothing to do with ego Edited called to talked ( It was supposed to be talked thanks for pointing that out)
  3. He was warned 5 times to stop + 3 other ppl tried cuffing him ( 2 e11 and one nu7) with me and he just started running around making him impossible to detain (as long as he was moving) I did talked to staff did you even read the post? after his death i got brought by Luke to a sit i told him what he (DR loverlock) has done.
  4. Your name in-game: Larry Kirkor Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:424791061 Admin's you report name: Luke Ocasino Admin's you report SteamID: - Why do you want him demoted?: The situation looks as following Dr lovelock gets detained by me for Disrespect he get's jailed and calls staff i told him the reason of his arrest and he says "it was OOC dumbass" i told him that for ooc he has ooc chat not VC he (Luke Ocasino) said "that's dumb" in chat and released him just after the sit ended he started mic spamming in VC "you are a cunt you are a cunt you are a moron you are a cunt you are a cunt..." so me and three other ppl started cuffing him but he was running around in circles so i gived him 5 warning's "stop or you will be shot" and he got shot for refusing to stop, he made a sit i give him the reason and the rule: 1.14 - Reasons to shoot players - You have warned the person before shooting them (countdown from 5 given) And then Luke says "you don't shoot people for disrespect" i asked him if he was even listening and after that he just returned me and kicked me out of the server. I didn't got any warn or a ban (i think) but still if he (DR lovelock) did that in "OOC" then that's MDTP + mic spam why didn't dr Lovelock got warned? And if it was in RP then why did i got kicked? Overall it's a kick for no reason and refusing to warn/ give punishment (to) a player for DTP Evidence: Sadly none but the person i reported confirmed two times that he did disrespect "in OOC" (even though he said it in VC not OOC chat) and most of things that luke said were in normal chat not VC so it can be checked and confirmed
  5. -1 New player or no you still broke the rules, you was verbal warned by Alex. All server have rules.
  6. Ok so the topic is about a specific situation more specificly the RDA by e11 flamer and things that happened few mins later, i didn't reply to you both on the screenshot and your "HOS shut the fuck up" ( Also from what i know knowing peoples job without seeing their ID is metagame unless you see them wear secuirty/researcher etc. uniforms you didn't see me in game responding to you on radio and you knew my job multiple times even after death from what i remember) I didn't reply to you on screenshot you can see i asked a question before and nobody responded so i just guessed an answer, and i didn't respond to your 'HOS shut the fuck up" but somebody else disrespecting on comms. I already explained the gas it doesn't changes anything if i start it again, oh and the NLR/FAILRP as i stated previosly i had to walk into NLR zone few times becuase of gas, oh and please specify what failrp you are typing about, you are just typing failrp and thinking i will know what you have in mind, could you give a situation, location etc?
  7. Ok so all of this has nothing to do with the topic of the report but sitll if i broke so much rules explain when and how i did failrp constantly or when did i disrespect someone with something more serious than "move idiot" and NLR and here i admit i had to once or twice walk into the NLR bubble because it was in the middle of LCZ and i had to move around because LCZ was constantly gassed by ultra creative event of just thorowing gas and your "backtalk and balant radio spam" here there is no comment needed i was talking with people about rp on /f comms and you are having a problem with it? Oh and stop writing about rp situations that didn't broke any rules "uhh he said gas is safe" yes it was safe if you have a gas mask i never said inhale it i just said it's safe, as i stated in the post already for black list you have to break ooc rules otherwise it should stay in rp punishments. And about the "Staff decision" all he did was in rp so it has nothign to do with his staff rank, i said in ooc that he's wrong and breaking out of cuffs is good enough reason to shoot somebody and that he RDA-d me and that he should know that as a staff member.
  8. Your name in-game: Larry Kirkor Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:424791061 Admin's you report name: Ez Big/ Norra Admin's you report SteamID: Why do you want him demoted?: Not rly demoted i want my WL back, the situation looks like this: I was playing HOS and then i seen a seucirty guard just doing nothing walking around pointlesly at ez jails so i told him to go patrol lcz for me then he started disrespect in game chat (can be checked) the A1 commander was there with me so i cuffed him then he broke out and started his escape so we shot him. After that E11 falmer tmod name i don't remember cuffed me for "murder" (forgot to add here before he put me in jail i explained to him why security was shot and he said that's not a reason) when A1 commander and me explained to him that legal codex exist and reasons to shoot in the rules exeist too he just left jails after that i got released and i with two other ppl (A1 commander and someone else) cuffed him and jailed him for random detention, and here where it all starts from what i remember he broke out of cuffs (or got released by Ez Big during rp situation for some reason) and after that he got gassed because an event was going on, after that i check scp-rp rules and RDA should be a warn so i reported him and nobody took the sit so i just continued playing and arguing on ooc was it RDA or no before making this post. After few minutes from that i walked into ez jails and got blacklisted from HOS no reason given. Evidence: - ----------------------------------------------------------------- Now Norra Part of this post This one is much more shorther I had granades that as SA shouldn't have, sigma-66 just gived me and disconnected and it's an rp offense (illegal owning weaponry) like 10 mins in jail or demotion if used it. And ok i wouldn't make a report if it would be just a demotion or jail but blacklisting for a one time thing in RP? I didn't even used the granades it was healing and mustard if i rememeber correctly. Oh and please don't start "You are the worst SA/HOS i seen" in the comments because it's pointless filler as long as i don't break the rules there is no reason for BL
  9. Is it a temp ban? (propably it is but just want to make sure) You only say that only benny got rdm-ed but in the ban reason it says rdm x3 I have no doubt you know the server rules but it also says that you did LTAP could you explain it more, what happened -1 for now
  10. Ok so ban is a temp ban for a propminge it's ok So you were asked multiple times to stop and you eventually did what what i see here Im not sure about it the story seems a bit colored up -1 for now (give more detail what happened before the ban)
  11. -1 Fake ban reason in the post it self "My little brother" excuse
  12. This is to all that say "nobody will play WL job" I edited in a possible solution of that problem not only for secuirty jobs You will find it in the post it self under "Edit:" Keep in mind that some suggestions won't work with eachother this why there is a line beetween them like JLT and the test system
  13. As we all know secuirty are very special this causes a lot of unorganized secuirty to just mass murder d class for no reason or shoots at scp's etc. (Keep in mind these are diffrent suggestions that might don't work with each other Heres my suggestions on how to improve the secuirty departament. Secuirty departament should have command jobs like LT and HOS whitelisted because people that have no idea of what they are doing are just sitting on that job not improving the secuirty at all. The whitelist should be simple to get, It should look like this: Name: Steamid: Playtime: What is the HOS/LT role (depends on what they are applying for): What is a secuirty meeting for?: What orders should you give to secuirty: Do you know these procedures (explain them in few words): Evacuation procedure: Minor secuirty breach (like d class escaping): Major breach: (like many scps breaching at once): What do you do when the security is doing unorganized/lacks orders: How do you deal with rouge secuirty: How do you deal with insubordination: List your superiors here(jobs not names like HOS,SD,O5 etc.) What questions do you ask a researcher when he request a d class?: Why do you think you fit for this role?: Any past experience as an command job (JLT counts as that (JLT explained few lines under this))?: Do you have any other whitelists? ....................................................... Secuirty needs few more jobs: Security overseer ( CL4 personel Armed with a pistol and hand cuffs) Whitelist job. Security/Administration job (Max one on site) His job is to make sure that everything is in order in the secuirty departament, he also makes sure HOS and lt's are doing their jobs and are active on improving the secuirty. Gives whitelist(Promotions in RP) for HOS/LT can blacklist(Demote in RP) for being incompetent (or other reasons) Security overseer can Promote somebody to HOS/LT if he finds them competent and suitable for this job without and application (needs to be asked several questions first). This job is only given to trusted players to prevent somebody promoting his friends for no reason. Can overrule HOS in event of an secuirty breach. If there is no HOS on site he doesn't takes his role he doesn't makes secuirty meeting etc. he can give orders to HOS to make one. Overall he has power over secuirty but he doesn't fight during secuirty breaches, he gives orders how to deal with these, deals with legal codex breaking, makes sure everything is by the rules and HOS is competent and that every secuirty has an assignment (like patrol LCZ/HCZ)). Can advise other combatants that are not security but can't give orders to them only has power over security. Deals with complains from secuirty or made on secuirty. Does not take part in gun fights, his weapon is for selfdefense. ............................................. Junior Lt. Each LT has two JLT (Junior LT) assigned to him by HOS (or other superior) Junior LT's are secuirty guards that want to apply for LT/HOS this job has only power other secuirty guards (CL lvl3) This job is needed for LT/HOS whitelist application so the person that want to be LT/HOS gains experience how to give orders and how does it looks like to be the one giving orders and not just reciving them. This job will prevent situations like an LT/HOS that just got his WL doesn't know what to do or is too confused to give proper orders. This job will help to have more experienced players as LT's/HOS and will help prevent abuses of power from LT's/HOS. This job should be lvl 20 NO WL so players that are not sure yet do they want to apply to LT/HOS will know how does it feels like to be in command of some people (secuirty guards and officers). (Max 4 on site) ................................................................ Edit: Adding a knowledge test system I seen this one on a diffrent SCP-RP (few years back) servers its not complicated when switching a job to let's say secuirty officer you fill up (in game) a small test of knowledge (a box appears on your screen where you choose from pre-made answers which only one is correct) After filling up it it changes your job if you did it correctly if you did at least one wrong it tells you to fill it up again (to avoid cheating questions should change (all pre-made)) it will help reduce minges on the job also veryfying knowledege of security. Simple but working Questions can include: How does fearp works What do you do as secuirty When can you shoot the d class Who is highest in secuirty What do you ask from a researcher requesting a d class and many more Test can also be done on other jobs that are whitelisted and don't need to be but lack of knowledge of ppl playing on these jobs making bad RP made them WL After solving the test console will give you WL of the job This works with the LT/HOS WL but doesn't work with JLT idea .................................................. Tactical Response Unit (TRU) Tactical Response Unit are the aces of secuirty most trusted and experienced members of secuirty promoted by Secuirty Overseer (or other high command job like HOS if the idea of Secufirty overseer gets denied) They have better equipment and better more demanding training they are trained by LT's of this unit and the secuirty overseer would be the head of this force they would deal with enemies regular secuirty can't handle, they would assist NU7 in dealing with internal threats like CI or Hacks. This unit would be directly under SO or HOS and regular secuirty would have no power over them (because they got promoted from secuirty) They won't be dealing with SCP's but human threats, armed in assault rifles and granades they would be a force enemies would have to rekon with druing raids or mass d class breach that secuirty can't handle. Overall another secuirty job but this time they are supposed to deal with more challenging threats like CI (or other GOI) or D class with guns Ranks in TRU (highest to lowest): SO (Secuirty Overseer or HOS if SO idea gets denied) TRU Commander (The best member of TRU promoted by SO only one on site max CL4) TRU Support, Medic (More experienced same rank as LT in secuirty CL3) TRU PVT (New member CL3) a bit more detail about jobs SO (already explained) TRU Commander Promoted by SO best of the best must have ability to give orders in difficult situations have power over secuirty (not HOS, HOS can overrule his orders when it comes to regular secuirty not TRU) possible equipment: Any assault rifle (AK,HK, Peacekeeper etc.) Acces to explosive granades (not gas or SCP) Acces to LMG's acces to MR96 (revolver) or Colt 1911 acces to explosives like S.L.A.M Has power over ALL TRU expect SO Has power over ALL Secuirty expect SO and HOS Focuses on giving orders to TRU members not regular secuirty but can give orders to secuirty if needed (like lack of organization etc.) WL Job directly under SO (or HOS if SO gets denied) Makes sure everything is in perfect order in TRU Gives punishment to TRU members if they break the legal codex (Or other foundation Rules) TRU Support Acces to any LMG like RPD, M249 etc. Acces to Shield Acces to explosives Can give orders only to TRU PVT and secuirty guards (Not LT's) Focuses on preparing defenses and dealing with riots of d class WL Job TRU Medic Acces to SMG and assault rifles (like MP5 or AK) Acces to medical kit No acces to explosvies Can give orders only to TRU PVT and secuirty guards (Not LT's) Focuses on helping and healing other TRU members Tries to avoid direct combat stays behind to heal the wounded (Can take part in gun fights) WL Job TRU PVT Acces to Assault rifles and SMG No acces to explosives Can't give orders to anybody Does some of the fighting and most of the dying Focuses on shooting at enemies and not letting them escape until support comes by to help eliminate threat. Helps all TRU in their duties to get promoted NOT WL JOB unlocked at lvl 40 .............................................................. Giving permissions to jobs like HOS, SD, O5 etc. to do /setjob on players, it will help remove minges from secuirty jobs and other, faster than just calling an admin that have more important stuff to do like dealing with rule breaking or mass rdm, simple but effective.
  14. the forums had nothing to do with it, the app was wirtten after he got on site (or atleast i think so) anyways he said it in game