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  1. I know stuff like this takes testing but id like to atleast know if something is even being done or if this is just being ignored by Server hierachy
  2. +1 Good idea, it would definetly help against the boringness under SO
  3. What your suggestion is: Since the old dets got removed from the Workshop we definetly need a Replacement for them as it was the 212ths bread and butter and without it we dont have much Combat equipment and explosives. This C4 Charge can be mounted on surfaces and even on players/NPCs and detonated remotely. Infact they seem even better than the old Remote Detonators. Also one big plus: You cannot manually detonate them, meaning a rogue CT cannot fuck stuff up by Detonating them. We Detonated 50 of them at once in SP and it didnt lag one bit, now i understand its different on a big Server
  4. I do not understand why people who are so obviously deserving of punishment bother doing an unban request.
  5. +1 Pretty much all has been said above. I cadet trained him and watched his progress in the community closely and i have to say he is a very fine lad that can be trusted. also good event plan with all regs having something to do.
  6. +1 i have you on my friends list meaning you must have been active at around early 2018s time. Which shows that it has been a long time meaning a unban would be valid in my opinion.
  7. +1 Veteran of the SWRP community who seems dedicated to return
  8. Wait so let me get this straight: People here say its valid even tho Schumacher didnt deny it was just a missclick that was immedietly rectified by the offender? I wonder if people are okay with this only because of Schumachers rank or if a simple mistake is punishable like that now, as far as i know SWRP is not that super strict. No offense to either party by the way. I just genuinely feel like if everybody says it was a misslick and the offender stopped immedietly then it is unjust and just being way too by the book. It also is not RDA, but still in my opinion a dick
  9. +1 He has one of the best personalities on the entire server and since he last got denied he really cranked it up a few notches showing his dedication and will to joining battallion.
  10. +1 I think he has definetly grown since his Demotion, he also is dedicated which is shown from him reaching Colonel again from the ground up. Give him another chance, im sure he won't dissappoint you.
  11. As i said, it doesnt even let me add a single letter
  12. +1 I agree it would be very useful and commanders are responsible enough
  13. Even if i have literally one single letter it says "Signature spans too many lines". At first i thought it was temporarily gone but others seem to be able to make signatures. Is it locked to staff or something?