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  1. +1 Oh no, now not having capital letters in your name is Fail RP!!!
  2. +1 The application is kind of bullshit not going to lie but I have had multiple encounters with you IC and I must say that you are a pretty friendly guy. Hasn't got too much of a playtime but has 0 warns and that's good, and he is a good roleplayer. Not really known in within the various regiments but I am pretty confidend that he's going to be a good staff member.
  3. +1 That's a shit reflex moment. Same thing happened to me... I went full spastic and RDMed someone that gunpointed me lmao.
  4. +1 Now you can understand why I snitched him, he was minging around just like SS-TV did, and then he complained about it IC. Wouldn't personally cosidered as a threat but more like constant DTP. Hoes mad.
  5. This is a tricky one. As Scharl said, you should have called staff, but they you would have losed him. Back in the day, not really sure but I think we were allowed to use lethal force in OrPo, I'm talking about 1 year ago., or at least shoot him in the foot. Evidence is missing as well, but if this is true, I can understand your situation, and I am going to +1 this.
  6. Okay but can you calm down, you banned me for demoting someone with AFK in their job and dead in PD therefore failrp. You need to calm down Herman.
  7. +1 Everything happened in seconds so you didn't have time to actually process everything, and typing would have gotten you kidnapped. Nobody was in your presence (you and Falkehausen), I did not see how you ruined someone's RP when literally there were only the two of you. I believe it should be reduced to 1 day and making the warn Tier 1.
  8. Your In-game name: Wolfgang Fitzgerald Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:176185944 Reason of the warning: False Demotion Date you were warned on: 28/08/2020 Admin who warned you (In-game name / Steam name/ Steam ID): Hermann Stellman (do not own his steamid) Explain the situation of your warning from your point of view in detail: I was about to prepare a lineup as OrPo because I saw a bit of poor organization, I asked an Oberwachtmeister for permission to do it. Right before announcing the lineup in the radio, I went in the kaserne to see if someone's AFK, and the
  9. There's a fuckton of warns but I am confident, the application is overall good, and he's very friendly. I am giving him a +1 so he and the others can see if he's going to be a good staff member. Good luck!