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  1. Kian Raanvik - Denied -Firstly, your app is underdetailed especially in the OOC section. -Secondly, after hearing some reports from other Deltas regarding your mingey behaviour and you being toxic I can say that you're not competent enough to be a Delta. I have myself witnessed some of your mingey shenanigans before. You may reapply in 1 week. Hopefully you have improved your behaviour and your app
  2. I think this is very serious
  3. -1 -I mean the app is pretty good except for the spacing between each question however, I have never seen you on which makes me unsure if you're a minge or a competent player. So improve your activity and get more well known.
  4. -1 -I have never had any good experiences with you. All of them have always been in some form of annoying and stupid mingey behaviour. Which is a big reason on why I do not think you would be a good O5. -The app is meh. Nothing special about it.
  5. LeadingRanger - Accepted I am willing to give you a chance. Use this as evidence when requesting for your Delta role in the main discord. Contact staff for your whitelist.
  6. Can y'all retards stop typing here? Take it dms. Only type here if it is any form of feedback. LeadingRanger - Pending Improve this. First off, not reaching the word minimum. Secondly, not enough detail. Tip read others answers to see how they answered it while also reading the slate thunder. You have 1 week to fix this or you'll be denied. The rest is good but this question is a problem with the application.
  7. Neutral -Pretty good app -Has shown good leadership skills as GOC and has the qualifications for O5. -However, as stated in the previous comments is that you should play more site administration jobs.
  8. +1 -Most annoying thing in the server. Almost as annoying as 1370. Pretty sure playing SCP-457 is a sign of psychopathy.
  9. I Think this is very serious

  10. -1 Advertising will result with a ban. What you did was advertising. If you were told to stop by SMT you listen to them. They know what is allowed and what is not allowed. You see just because there are no "written" rules doesn't mean that there are rules regarding that subject. Those rules are called "unwritten rules" or "unspoken rules". Perhaps you have heard about those. Then explain why others have been banned for advertising? They did it as jokes n shit yet they got banned permanently for that. First rule says you can not advertise and shit. Sure it is not a spe
  11. cen I heve SPC-1048 teady bare witelisd?

    1. Didde


      yes if iam having IC öperativetion

    2. Kvisten
    3. Didde
  12. I liked the part when peanut killed someone or something. Idk never read the movie.