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  1. This is what 1 hour of WG #1 SCPRP does to a fellow. Help these poor souls. 1 react = 1 saved life
  2. +1 Both robson and whoever made the ban request should be punished for breaking server rules. thank god I blacklisted robson from ci delta
  3. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | Banshee | STEAM_0:1:427293255 | Moderator | 21/07/2021 | 04/08/2021 | RDMing as FeSchuPo (BSR) | Michael | _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. I have a very cool link with epic suggestions, but I cant find it and I have no idea where I put it,
  5. He is from Latvia, of course he gonna have a pessimistic point of view.
  6. Braindamaged Polish farmer with bri'ish teeth Good app Tbh the only person that would be good for O5 compared to the rest +1 I sexed his wife
  7. Anyways -1, no real need. I think it is enough with chemical & biological weapons.
  8. Hello Kvisten, i would like to apply for Site Director Heavy Unit!


    1. Kvisten


      Sorry, you have to dm Plod for SD heavy unit, he owns it. Here is his discord Plod#0368.

    2. Nathan Kennedy