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  1. neutral Still got to breach it as CI Delta : ) In every other situation it should be removed
  2. Because the rules are incomplete, which in turn means that staff and SMT enforce rules that arent in the ruleset. Its also common sense not to advertise unless stated otherwise
  3. Neutral/-1 Its vague and lacks context And the only rule i could make out in a minute was possibly breaking the raidtimer
  4. -1 Being a child does not make you exempt from the rules nor is it an excuse to be immature, you are too young for this server, its not gonna be good for your mental health, especially since you are young
  5. +1 why not this is definitely not a bad idea jk jk -1, wont work
  6. he just listed any leader type roles, on wg they are all unwl
  7. Neutral I am not 100% sure but from what I remember you are not 30 and you were not the best SD Your apps grammar is lacking and at a few points your spelling is as well
  8. I doubt he did this ngl also +1 Competent, has experience with external affairs
  9. -1 I agree with Lorex but this doesn't mean I take anyones side. Edit: Lando ngl you are toxic and a bit of a c*nt to people yourselves
  10. Dictators, oppressors they always think they managed to destroy the rebellion, insurgency or freedomfighters they oppress but they are always wrong, the Insurgency will rise again and again, like a phoenix until the end of times
  11. +1 Decent app imo Nice guy ingame Competent
  12. +1 While he can be an ass and a bit stupid at times, he is old MC&D and was a good salesman
  13. also -1 unneeded and just useless
  14. As far as I'm aware this somewhat accurate but there have been exemptions Also -1 what kvisten said