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  1. I'll leave feedback once you hit lvl 50, until then, I'm going to leave a -1
  2. +1 Literally just killed a few D-Class a while back, I'm sure he didn't effect much, and tbh, he waited long enough.
  3. In Game Name: Gordon Black SteamID: STEAM_014557595 Age: Fixer you know already Past Experience in leadership/high ranking positions: O5 Co-Owner (Prev), Site Director Overseer (Prev), Nu-7 Owner (Prev), Nu-7 CO, HoEA, HA-23 Owner (Prev), HA-23 Captain (Prev), Head Researcher (Prev), ECM (Prev). (I probably have more, but I don’t want to jerk myself off more.) Why do you feel you'll be a good Site Director?: I understand my place in the Foundation and what to do. The key of being a Site Director is for you being in control, and for you not to rely
  4. The First SCP you saw or heard about: SCP-173, stubbled across it frisky channel, watched it, didn't care, a year later I watch it again, and then my SCP story starts. Your First Favorite SCP: 096, really great story on the wiki. First SCP game you EVER played: A random Gmod Server, got really confused when it didn't look like SL lol. How old were you when you discovered SCP: 12?
  5. Doesn't exist, I tried to make it, but it didn't work, just resulted in mass confusion, and I think to this day, SMT think O5-13 is an actual O5 slot.
  6. I don't know what you guys are talking about, but there is no such as thing as "Unwritten rules", for this server atleast, it's just that most of the time you don't realize that even though it doesn't appear to be against the rules, it's actually covered by 3-4 rules (For instance, Failrp, it's a general, vague rule, that covers most things.) In this case, the rules broken were "Trolling" and Refusing to listen to staff and community T.O.S. I don't understand why you guys make up stuff. For the thread itself, I'm leaving a +1 for a reduced ban, maybe 1 week - 3 days? It was
  7. It's going to be really easy to figure out why you're banned, when you don't provide anything to identify you.
  8. -1 Speaking from experience from Co-Owning O5 for a few months and briefly managing Site Director, I can tell you that Site Director does not need a weapon or even a taser. I have died more times for having a weapon, then not, because if you're armed then GOI's can kill you, and countless times over and over, I see Site Administration, if it be the HoEA or the O5, whip out there weapons for no reason other than to make a point, and it just ends up giving GOI's a reason to kill them. Now if that happens commonly enough for O5's and HoEA's, I can't expect it to be different for Site Directo
  9. It is unrealistic and doesn't belong to the SCP universe, at least for the Foundation. The foundation doesn't use anomalies or time traveling machines to abuse and to possibly mess up more things and the whole universe to make a ball shield. They secure, contain, protect. Also, besides that doesn't make any sense in lore, it seems just overpowered and not needed to again shift the power. No one needs this, especially GOC. It's not really needed, the chances that it'll be used will be extremely limited, besides you could just do "/me Salutes (Whoever)" without even Pac3.
  10. -1 - Literally stole sections of his app from other staff apps. - 9 - Can't be trusted.
  11. You went fucking hard, and without lube. Needless to say, Maurice had already stated the points. Personally I felt as though you could become a half decent staff member, but your issues with language and trying to fluff up your app and failing miserably makes me to re-think it. Currently, -1