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  1. I did not really want mention it, but the statement "And I am now the only one left from the german minge squad." obviously was sarcastic. I never got any warns, I only had 3 admin sits in my entire career on the server, and all those 3 have been for a minor reason (like AOS'ing someone who apparently did not do anything). I never really minged (of course some minor things here and there like some stupid /me shit, but everyone did and does them), but I think everyone that knows me can confirm that I am not a minge, that I did not mean those words literal. I thought the germans wou
  2. +1 I don't know how exactly you mass pinged, but to be permanently banned for doing that is a bit harsh. A 1 Year ban should be enough.
  3. +1 He improved a lot on his mingery. The fact that he got back up to COL after his demotion and the fact that he got Temp EXO already shows that he is a worthy candidate. BUT I would not be surprised if he gets in trouble for minging once again.
  4. +1/Neutral Good activity Nice guy Ok playtime Missed out some things in your application
  5. +1 Fairly active Good Application Seems competent I did not get to speak to you too often when I was in 212th, but you always seemed like a nice dude. The fact that you reached the rank of Colonel and even Temp EXO shows that you are competent and responsible.
  6. +1 Good guy Improved a lot on his application Fairly active Competent
  7. You are right, but I already mentioned that the timing was a bit unlucky. However, I see your point.
  8. +1 Good playtime Good application Great competence Nice guy
  9. - Out of Character Section - Steam Name: RavioliSteam ID: STEAM_0:0:91532453Current rank on the server: GM PVT, Platinum VIPAge: 16.What is your playtime: 6 Weeks 4 Days and 17 hours.Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: It can get a bit loud sometimes, but the rest is good.Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes, of course.Do you meet the requirements: Yes, I do.Quick summary about you: I am from germany, northrhine westphalia, I am 16 years old and I love Ravioli ( as you could've guessed ). I love Star Wars, and
  10. +1 Great guy Excellent Activity Lots of experience Good Application
  11. +1/Neutral Good Playtime Being high rank in CT Good Experience Had to edit the application for it to be even acceptable Could be a bit more active Good luck!
  12. +1/Neutral Lots of experience Excellent playtime Average Application Very toxic in the past.
  13. +1 Good Playtime Good Application Very mature High Rank A lot of experience Low predicted playtime
  14. +1 Good application Very reliable Very good activity Nice dude A lot of experience