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  1. only good thing joshy did, making nu-7 ass
  2. @Plaguepls do this
  3. im going to buy a gromit much and sacrifice it to allah
  4. @Norrareminds me of that shitty mtf we planned to make for some reason -1 uneeded job, mostly relies on sarkics for rp (dead job), pretty much ignores major parts of their lore (such as not involving artilery, DMT, or occult shit at all), and can be done by E-11 by doing the sacred act of roleplay.
  5. I don't recommend getting a free VPN (as most just harvest data), and I would just recommend buying one, however, ProtonVPN is a good alternative as it isn't too slow. But if you seriously need a good VPN, buy one, most have like 2 year subscriptions that are only a few bucks a month.
  6. activate the tesla coils
  7. all these accusations are based on nothing, i've only had pleasant conversations with this man!
  8. For those who don’t know (as it was quite a bit ago), the point shop was apart of making a group, wherein you’d have a set amount of points, and you’d have to chose what you want for the group, and each thing would cost a certain amount of points. For this example, lets say the max was like 100 or something. Lets say you want an AR-15, an Tazer, and all cuffs on your job which costs 75 points total. Lets also say you wanted to have a healing swep, but it costs 50 points. This would make you have to compensate. Whilst my example is shitty, in practice it was much better. It actually limited groups to have to chose what they deemed was more important to them, and such, would self balance without any real conscious effort (only like 2 groups were ever the exception to this). Since the old forums were wiped, its likely SMT would need to create their own point system from scratch, but wouldnt be too hard. Feel free to ask for more elaboration.
  9. We only have the vanilla skybox editor (which can change texture, color, rotation, etc), and this one is much more advanced (and based) +1, shouldnt be a problem
  10. The true function of the group isn't hidden, just the exact items the group can produce. I'll try to summarize for those who just dont know much about the factory, but the wiki is a great place to read up on it, as its a bit more in depth than this. The factory is an organization that mass produces anomalies. Whilst there are multiple explanations other groups have unto why (such as just to cause pain, get power, sell anomalies, etc), nothing is known. Its run by a group of non-humanoid beings, with several Foreman leading their factories, and functioning under their will. Their main goals are usually just the recruitment of workers and the expansion of the factory, however, the long-term end goal is completely unknown.
  11. Unironically listened to this on repeat making this thread.
  12. The Factory "Alright look, on that piece of paper sitting on your lap, if you go to page 2, you'll see some excerpts we got from other GOIs on what the Factory is. I'll give you all a second to read." "Notice how all of them have one thing in common? That's right, they all contradict. Being completely honest with you, we have no idea what the [EXPUNGED] the Factory is. We just know it exists, and it’s our problem now." - Dr. [REDACTED], Field Agent Lecture #47
  13. Atomik


    he is very cringe, but sadly not a removable offense (should be though) also if this is unironic (which I hope to god it isnt), I will do the following: