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  1. +1 tbh I don't think there has been event where people turn on each other but I have memory loss so, would be fun to see what happens as it is new event in my eyes and has a lot of braincells to make fun events
  2. I like how you say this but all I see you do is run around as Class D and shoot people or make some random fortune telling stand as a researcher. Very good RP.
  3. He rejoined the gmod server, not the discord, when the banlist got wiped. He was already banned before that.
  4. hey atleast he got to the correct section man
  5. You need a 4 day playtime to apply man
  6. Yes playtime is the thing in the top right corner
  7. I think he was talking to the other guy
  8. You made a staff abuse thread for an RDM?
  9. Maybe you should've said something after hello instead of looking for him in the scoreboard!
  10. Have you thought about playing something else?
  11. Poor man, if he waited a couple more days he could've become AR
  12. You don't even meet the minimum requirements. You even forgot to answer a question.