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  1. -1 I think you did it too soon from your last unban request and the fact that you lied about the reason in your first unban request doesnt look good on you. I would take some time now to reflect and really try to think about what happened instead of just doing another unban request two days after it was denied. It´s good that youre owning up to your mistakes but I would take some time before you do another application.
  2. -1 Low effort unban request where you didnt even include your SteamID as well. The ban is also for 6 weeks and not for 2 weeks so you most likely just copied and pasted from your last unban request. You were unbanned only 2 days ago and in that time you have received 7 warnings from different staff. You have in the past been given verbal warnings over and over again and you have never shown willingness to improve. You still act the same after Staff talking to you about your behaviour and what to do and what not to do. Yesterday morning you decided to insult Fusion in OOC after being
  3. I checked what he got banned for but is says nothing which is worrying because being perma banned for prop mingeying / stealing a sleigh isnt realistic. I decided to look around for anything regarding his ban and then this shows up. It shows in warns that he was banned for advertising which he doesnt talk about in this application and that seems is the reason for his ban. If you cant see the image below it says he was banned by Navas for "Advertising [BAN]" on third of December. And that perma ban is then valid and justified because advertising other servers will result in a perman
  4. Neutral - Good playtime - Some of the answers were good - Low rank at the current moment since resigning and you have joined a couple of different regiments since resigning so I would suggest getting a high IC rank. - Low activity so I would also up that so you know that you can give enough time needed to get the staff minimums right now
  5. -1 - The warn is valid and even though you didnt know the rules regarding prop block, it is still a valid warn. It is just one warning and I would read the server rules again but the warn is justified so I would just be more careful next time. Next time make sure theres some way to leave for everyone going in.
  6. -1 - Very low playtime. - Very short and low effort answers to the questions regarding how you would handle different situations as a staff member. - Low rank in clone and in Jedi (He has been promoted 3 times and it´s not that difficult to reach the rank of Knight in my opinion.) He also did some pretty questionable things after leaving DU. - You seem like a great guy and it would be nice to have someone on at night but I still think you need to reach a higher rank in either Jedi or Clone to show both dedication and that you can be trusted. You also need to up your playtim
  7. +1 - Good application and it´s really easy to read which is always appreciated - High Jedi Rank - Good playtime
  8. +1 - High playtime and is very active - High rank so it shows that he´s trusted and reaching Vice Commander shows dedication which is needed in staff - 0 warns which shows that he knows the rules and the answers are also support this statement
  9. +1 - A high rank which shows he´s trusted - Been staff before (Even EXAC I think) so he knows his ULX - Good application - VERY high playtime
  10. +1 - He has shown a lot of dedication to his regiment which is shown by him ranking up quickly by working hard within the regiment and then acheving the rank of ARC which shows some dedication. - Good application - A lot of staff experience - Very low playtime compared to most applicatants but hopefully he knows most of the basic rules from his staff experience.
  11. Well, who´s gonna look after 74th while youre gone?
  12. +1 - Good playtime and active - Seems like friendly guy Good luck mate
  13. +1 - Good application - He has shown dedication by being in CE for such a long time and a good playtime as well - Third application also shows dedication - I havent interacted with you too much but I think you would be a great fit for battalion so good luck mate :))
  14. +1 / Neutral - I have never spoken to you or heard of you which can be good in some ways because it shows that you arent toxic or anything. - Good playtime - I would just recommend getting more well known within the community which would improve your chances
  15. -1 - Really toxic especially on VIP jobs and you seem to have a really difficult time hearing "no" which results in arguments between you and staff when we are only trying to do our job. I´ve had to deal with you on two seperate sits and you dont seem to like it or want to understand why you´re getting the sit. I would recommend showing everyone and really try not to be toxic to others as it really does have an affect on your image. - You were recently arrested for disrespect on your Clone job as well which just shows it again. If people dont follow your orders or if you were to get