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  1. I know this post is old but I would still +1 it
  2. Just dont apply for O5 unless u have been part of the community for over 2 months and have been a past Site Director that's my advise
  3. I really hope this gets added I'm fed up with all the minges in other jobs
  4. +1 I do not believe this could be like the last E14 and we are in a lot of need of an internal security task force because ISD cant deal with rouges and a lot of foundation members are starting to become more and more rouge to the point were RP is like smashing your head against a wall Beta 1 was alright but some of the time it was meh and got snapped Omega 1 is completely unable to do this job since they always guard the ECM
  5. No 3 Days game time anyway More detail closed thin
  6. Neutral Pros: -Borderline App (Some parts are just copy paste in my opinion) Cons: Never seen you play Administration and since I play jobs that need me to pay attention to Administration 24/7 that's saying something
  7. -1 Pros: -App is borderline good -Ive seen him play MCnD a few times Cons: -Minge/Rude Person -Attempted to sell anomaly to foundation while CI were raiding -Ask Kinqu said leaks foundation info (Not meant to do that as MCnD) Note: If you can find a way while this app is still pending to prove you are fit for salesman then I will happily change this to a neutral or a +1 if proven enough Also some of the people who +1 are borderline minges themselfs
  8. Out-Of-Character Section In-Game Name(s): Michael Jeffreson SteamID: STEAM_0:1:111142000 In-Game Level: 50 + Plat VIP Playtime (Minimum 3 Days): 8 weeks Amount of Warns (Max 5, Exceptions Can be Made): 8 warns but drakan said its ok for me to apply still Have you ever been severely punished before? Why? (3 day+ Bans) Ive only been banned for one day because when I was a level 23 security guard I shot 939 because I thought it breached In-Character-Section What is the purpose of Alpha-1?: MTF Alpha 1 aka The Red Right hand is one of the most secretive task forces in the whole foundation but they are known for being the O5`s personal Task Force and their job is to carry out tasks set by the council such as assassination or keeping O5 Council Members Safe and Secure What can you contribute to the Task Force?: I can give you Activity on the job as A1 since I will be on the server everyday, My Loyalty to the O5 Council, My Past Containment Skills as MTF E11, My leadership skills as a past E11 CMDR, Im able to work without compromising Alpha 1 or the O5 Council and my past experience on MTF Alpha 1 Do you have any Previous Experience regarding Combat/Security Occupations?: I have had past experience in MTF Nu7 as Enlisted Specialist for a brief time, My time as a E11 Commander, my time as a Site Director and my past experience as MTF Alpha 1 What would you do as Alpha-1 if there are no Overseers on-site?: If there are no current overseers onsite I would go to the current highest rank onsite such as a Site Director and help them and I would also see if I could help MTF in anyway while helping the next highest rank until an O5 shows up or follow any orders given by the CMDR What would you do as Alpha-1 if two Overseers gave opposing orders?: I would try to contact another member of O5 Command to come and give his opinion on the matter and then wait for the next overseer to give his opinion on the matter and I would also inform other A1 members of this problem if I am allowed to Situations | (Be Brief, Maximum 70 words.) An Council Member has been kidnapped by a single Chaos Insurgent, you are alone, but the Chaos Insurgent has revealed a portion of his body on accident, what do you do?: I would first alert MTF then try to get the O5 back in turn for something the CI might want such as Money, D class or any CI we currently have detained. If he is unable to I would try to take out the CI when there's a chance I can without getting the overseer hurt such as the bottom of the ladder or if the CI puts his gun away. You're patrolling about nearby an Overseer current location and see a service personal being kidnapped nearly out of your view range. What do you do?: I would inform the O5 about it and tell the other A1 units and administration there's a possible threat nearby and then I would move with the O5 to a safe location such as a breach shelter or his office and wait for any other A1 units to arrive Agreements | (Yes or No) The safety of Site Administration is ALWAYS number one priority, unless you are ordered otherwise, do you understand?: Yes Going rogue as A-1 is the biggest mistake you can make on the whitelist and will always result in immediate blacklist, do you understand?: Yes
  9. Simple Nu7 complains about anything and everything from my experience. "E11 shouldnt have AUG" this is normal followed by them explain how Enlist has shit guns but heres thing E11 is different to Nu7 while nu7 is fighting CI and they need to both be balanced so its fair E11 is fighting a fat ass lizard with over a 1000 HP Plus Ive met alot of Power Hungry Nu7 NCOs In Simple I think Nu7 needs to stop complaining (Yes I know e11 isnt any better but Im not one of them who keeps complaining so idc)
  10. I mean like a build in timer where they cant use the vender
  11. So I know pretty much all CI Mains are going to do -1 to this but its a minor suggestion that could help improve role play. CI Infiltrator should have to wait a minute or two after being in combat to change outfits because we all have had to deal with the CI person who decides to go infiltrator and go shoot up some poor research or MTF unit for no reason or benfit to the Chaos Insurgency yes I know CI is trying to kill foundation but it isnt exactly fair for the foundation when a CI can just keep killing them all randomly and they cannot do shit unless somehow they fuck up. This suggest will make the Chaos Insurgency Infiltrator have to think more about the risks. I know people are gonna say about the CI rules and all that but most of the time Chaos Insurgency dont pay attention to it. Basically that should have a cooldown for changing outfit after combat so they dont kill someone then comprise themselfs and change outfits with a ton of MTF chasing them. If you think this is a stupid idea then at least say why
  12. Eh I saw him today and he is not fit for O5 at the moment
  13. -1 Randomly shot up some GOC as Beta 7 today