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  1. People with "Ranks achieved" etc. in their signature needs to be KOS.
  2. why is Cameron not accepted yet?
  3. Thanks Auster for putting it on pending!
  4. DarkRP Trail Moderator. I think Cameron is capable of being a good staff member, if he doesn't act retarded. +1
  5. -1 No template , no evidence.
  6. With this I also mean Knives, my bad.
  7. -1 One ways are unfair and makes it impossible to raid someone.
  8. +1 People breaking NLR happens too often.
  9. -1 We already got a weapon skin system that works perfectly. Adding this shit will just ruin the economy in a week. This stuff is only suitable for deathrun in my opinion.
  10. -1 What I heard from the hierarchy, putting weed (etc.) in your inventory will bug the weed (etc.) out.
  11. -1 Lets MRDA! Slight speed boost will be nice.
  12. Neutral I think people will abuse the shit out of it