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  1. +1 Former battalion My best friend ever Hits the sack and hits the hay Honestly the best choice for batt in a while
  2. +1 Very cool guy, best option for staff ever!
  3. +1 Lovely fellow Known him since he sprout his little Jew legs Take him already before I kiss him(on the lips)
  4. Neutral/-1 As cool as some RPG elements would be on the server, currently it's not really in a state to take something like this on. Many issues would arise from the addition of this like re-balancing weapons and health. The addon looks really cool but it's just not really possible for the server now, however I think that something similar like this is the future for the server, it will just take too much time to do now.
  5. I honestly don't know why they were removed, I believe it was a performance issue but I hope they get added back as they were great fun
  6. +1 App is detailed but not cluttered Very unique idea for event I haven't seen done before Literally the funniest guy I've met and is a better lad than a lot of people on the server
  7. +1 It was only a little willy.
  8. UPDATE: He closed his Staff app for EP app, bigger +1 for that
  9. +1 I knew you were young but not that young(now I know why Barry is in 104th) You are very mature and I have seen you develop throughout your time on the server Nice guy App is very good and original for the majority
  10. +1 Although event plan lacks in originality it is by no means a bad plan I genuinely like you as a guy and with a little work you can put your shit tiered past behind you Best of luck
  11. +1 Clone side is very good if not a little bit difficult to perform however I have faith in you Exuberant guy and has been hierarchy for some time now
  12. +1 Good event plan and nice guy, only thing I can see holding you back is your 3 warns however you've reached Battalion which shows some maturity and development
  13. +1 Has been applying for a long time, shows his dedication Very in depth and detailed event plan Cool guy
  14. +1 Clearly a lot of time and effort put into your app
  15. My signature is better -1 too