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  1. Ngl, regen shields are a life saver, you can still do good without them but they help in a pinch
  2. I literally couldn't give a fuck if i tried uwu xD
  3. +1 Absolute unit Plan is fresh and unique Lovely Chap!
  4. Camby

    DU NCO Changes

    +1 Won't get added but what the heck am I right?
  5. +1 App is pretty good and borrows a premise from ROTS He's a good guy and is experienced shown by his IC ranks Good ideas in app but once again, could be difficult to keep track of everything
  6. +1 Former EP and makes some really great event suggestions Seems like a nice enough guy Event plan is well thought out
  7. +1 App looks great and is full of great ideas Good guy and has been around for some time The event plan uses a lot of ideas into one which is nice however might be difficult to pull off
  8. +1 Application in good Has great IC ranks and experience Known him since he first joined the server and is a great guy and has stayed loyal (mostly)
  9. +1 Absolute mad man, legend, love this guy and deserves to be a Battalion member. I trust this man with my life and as a leader. If this guy isn't accepted there will be riots. He can gather attention effortlessly and increases the peoples morale like it is nothing. He would not have a problem in leading events and in regular situations.
  10. Yeah sorry buddy, this is valid, don't be a fool next time -1
  11. I'm sorry but if you can't speak English, then there isn't much hope for you on the server, you also didn't use the template supplied and have stated you have been banned for 3 minutes, which seems highly unlikely.
  12. Neutral You're a good lad with honest and pure intents, you are a well known and loved member of the community which will no doubt be shown in the replies of this app. However, I've personally not seen much growth and maturity from you. You seem to hop around regiments quite a bit, mainly 501st and 74th. This is mainly an issue as it shows that you aren't completely committed, despite achieving high ranks in said regiments. I think that you should attempt for a hierarchy rank in a regiment to get more experience under your belt and if you still want to join battalion, you can apply again.
  13. +1 Has been a member of the community longer than some current high ranks and despite his age, shows exceptional maturity. Seems very confident and would be a great leader given enough training and time, could make a great member of battalion if given a chance.