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  1. The moment I realized that Valve can't count to 3
  2. Ngl, but no one really thinks that your comments on this website are funny. If you have anything to comment that supports the topic and actually makes sense, go ahead and do it. If you don´t, just stop the shitposting.
  3. +1 I definitely see Kertz as a good staff member. He is very experienced in the server and well known in the WW2 community. His application also looks decent. Good luck Kertz!
  4. +1 I know Kraz for some time now and I think he would be a very nice addition for the staff team. Good luck!
  5. Name: Marc Schnee (Steam Name: MarcDe)TS Unique ID: qBQ2p7JMofkkrfr2MDLAUU8HrIQ=Requested Medal: Community Service MedalEvidence: See belowExtra Information: N/A
  6. Which Rank/tag do you need:Remove WW2-Mod and add Platinum VIP What is your RP Name on the server: Marc Schnee Evidence:
  7. Hello, let me give you my reply regarding you application. First of all, I think you are suiteble for the staff team, you are playing on the server for a long time and I am sure you already have a lot of knowledge on the server rules and on how to deal with different sits as you might have witnessed some. Furtheremore I am going to say that you application looks very good, you took your time to write it, I noticed some grammatical errors but it is not a huge problem in this case. You also answered the questions correct, I did not noticed minor mistakes in the answeres. My conclusion i
  8. Hello there. Let me give you my opinion on your application. Let's start with the first thing I have to say. When I read your application for the first time, I noticed grammatical errors. I'm assuming that you haven't really taken the time to read your application and come up with possible things to add / improve. eg the grammar. Also, I'll add that you are not really known to the WWII RP community (in my opinion), I have never really interacted with you and therefore I am not sure if you would be a suiteble member of the staff team You should take Johan's advice, be more active on
  9. I already contacted SMT to unban you. I apologize very much for banning you. Unfortunately I copied the wrong SteamID. You will get unbanned in a few moments.
  10. Good morning, let me give you my comment regarding your application. First of all, I have to say that I also recommend for staff. The reason for this is that you are perhaps one of the most committed and active members of the Gestapo and show a lot of professionalism, and I think that you would be a perfect addition to the staff team. Nevertheless, I will now give you my comment on your application. The application is well written and doesn't appear to be rushed at all. You took the time to write it. Of course that's a good thing. The questions about "How would you deal with these scen