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  1. -OOC Section - Steam Name: ManIsHot RPname: jake Gonzalez SteamID:STEAM_0:1:161238150 In game level: level 50 Playtime(At least one week): 2 weeks and nearly 3 days Amount of Warns and the reason of why they were given: 6 warn's didn't got any warns for 7 months - IC Section - Personal info: Name Richard Foster Sex : Male Age : 34 mental / ilnisses : None -------------------------------------------------------------------- History: Recruited from Navy Seals SGT to Delta Force PVT Recruited from Delta Force LCPL to security officer Site-[Redacted] [2009] Transfert to Site-19 Reason : {readacted} [2010] Promotion to Security Guard [2011] - LT [2013] Served 2 years as LT and Served as Security 6 years --Branch Changed-- [E-11] Recruited to E-11 [2015] Changed Specialization to [loading .....] Specialist [2015] Serving as Specialist at site-19 --------------------------------------------------------------------Education: Private Primary school [Los angeles] Private Secondary School [Brooklyn] Private High school [Detroit] --------------------------------- Basic Underwater Demolition Naval Special Warface Preparatory School Physical Conditioning/Combat Diving/Land Warfare Parachute jump school SEAL Qualification Trained Seal Troop Trained Stealth Trained Weapon Handling Trained -------------------------------------------- Facility Training. Basic/expert containment procedures . Trained for mental control . Trained for containing scps . ------------------------------------------------ Skills Set: Stealthy Commanding Good thinking Fast learner/learning Expert with all kind of weapon's High Knowledge of All containment chambers located in Site-[redacted] High Knowledge of all scps located in Site-[redacted] High Knowledge of recontaining all scps in site-[redacted] Expert in spying / observing all sort of things Knowledge of GOI Knowledge of most personel Knowledge of documenents,Codes and Laws within the facility. -------------------------------------------------- End history . [thanks for reading it took my very long!] [i have bad grammer because english is not my main language and i have Dyslexia]
  2. In Game Name:Richard Foster SteamID:STEAM_0:1:161238150 Crafting Table experience level: 125 i have 2 weeks and 2 days of playtime What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?: Manufacturing deparment Provides combat job's with Gass masks/Healing granades/ammo/ammo boxes [large]/Slam's/m203 grip + ammo/ rifle types/Shotgun types . Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?: I am very active i like providing equipment to personel i am also very kind and give allot of free stuff away i work fast and good in breaches or raid's and give MTF priority and i give free stuff in breaches away.
  3. Getting a stroke reading this
  4. -1 i saw u minging the hole time and it was very anoying.
  5. +1 deserves a chance to proof him self
  6. yeah because a moderator told me normaly they where combined so i'm requesting them to be combined then if it is true what he said
  7. Server you got on : SCP RPYour name in-game: Richard FosterYour SteamID: STEAM_0:1:161238150Admins' name that warned u : Jordi AnfyAdmin's steamID: IdkWhy did you warned : Nlr x2 So i didnt mean to but i nlr 2 times in like minutes but i asked a mod and he said normaly the warning's are combined so im just questioning if staff can combine my 2 seperate given nlr warnings that i got in the same sit
  8. +1| Good understanding of rules . Good application
  9. [ Application A-1 Red Right Hand ] Send by SsssTsss@Gmail.Com To 0@#@#@@#@##@#| Out-Of-Character Section In-Game Name(s): jake gonzalez SteamID: STEAM_0:1:161238150 In-Game Level: level 50 [gold bundle] Playtime (Minimum 3 Days): 2 weeks and nearly 3 days Amount of Warns (Max 5, Exceptions Can be Made): I have 6 warnings, 2 meta, 1 failrp, 2 NLR and 1 exploit. I know this will effect my application but I got the 2 NLR warnings on the same day and in the same hour I am really mad at my self for gaining this many warnings but i have not recieved any warning within the past 7 monts. Have you ever been severely punished before? Why? (3 day+ Bans) No. In-Character-Section What is the purpose of Alpha-1?: Its an ELITE-Special multi force that are extremly loyaal and follow order's from overseer's [05] . They ensure the safety of the 05 council and if no 05 online the foundation Administration . They can do other thing's if ordered by 05 or administration if there is none 05 are online. What can you contribute to the Task Force?: I can give my loyalty, my profesionality, my trust and my combat skills to the foundation / 05 council. I can prove myself that I am a hard soldier that cannot be broken and I will give my life for the 05 council! Do you have any Previous Experience regarding Combat/Security Occupations?: No i haven't got any other occupations . What would you do as Alpha-1 if there are no Overseers on-site?: I would protect and listen to order's from administration. I would help out with tasks if ordered by Administration. What would you do as Alpha-1 if two Overseers gave opposing orders?: I would just keep on protecting the 05 because they won't listen to me because my job is to listen to them. I would let them fight it out and call for over a-1 comms to explain whats going on. Situations | (Be Brief, Maximum 70 words.) An Council Member has been kidnapped by a single Chaos Insurgent, you are alone, but the Chaos Insurgent has revealed a portion of his body on accident, what do you do?: I would communicate to everyone on site what has happen. I would describe his outfit and get the facility on a lock down and get people to guard MT and GG until the CI is detained and the 05 is in safety. You're patrolling about nearby an Overseer current location and see a service personal being kidnapped nearly out of your view range. What do you do?: I would first try to keep the outfit in my mind then i would get the 05 in rescue i would call mtf to go to the location of the scene and describe the outfit with full detail then . If a guy with the same uniform comes towards the overseer i would get my gun out and try to arrest him or kill him if he poses a high treath to the Overseer where i am next to . Agreements | (Yes or No) The safety of Site Administration is ALWAYS number one priority, unless you are ordered otherwise, do you understand?: I understand Going rogue as A-1 is the biggest mistake you can make on the whitelist and will always result in immediate blacklist, do you understand?: I understand