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  1. +1 Honestly from what I had seen before your ban you had a good mindset about being back on the server What you did was retarded however you were messing about in bunks which is mostly allowed, I think that you didnt mean to kill someone, just light a chair on fire. Yes you were on a 1 strike system however when someone shows improvements I think there can be a bit of leniency and I believe that you showed a lot of improvements while you were on the server.
  2. -1 As said above, you cheated on Garrys Mod just to get a better rank. If you just cheated and thats all then I would probably +1 this unban request however you then proceeded to lie and say you were using your arrow keys. This shows that you didn't really care and in my opinion you should wait for a while longer before asking to be unbanned
  3. +1 As you can see in the video, as soon as Cameron said it he realized that it just slipped out and he probably should not have said it. As well as that even if he meant to say it, he did not keep on the subject and he did not keep the "ERP" going which if he continued it, it would be "Severe ERP" I don't know why that the staff member would think that a ban over 3 days is valid. Maybe if he kept going with it, it would warrant a ban however when you are punishing for just 1 sentence that you can tell was an accident personally I would just warn for it not even ban
  4. Pingu

    Poker 2nd

    -1 Since you can buy credits some people would call this actual gambling as some new player may be tempted to buy credits just to gamble which since they would then be spending real money to gamble it probably wouldn't be good for Harland legally If this was added there would probably be new people that buy credits just to gamble at poker so how many people would like this to be added I don't think Harland really wants to deal with the couple of people that will moan because they bought credits and lost them all gambling
  5. -1 Cool idea but it would pretty much replace ARC Just seems like you took RC and made it into sub-regiments with the whole squad leader thing From what I know the server files are already quite large and this would just increase the file size for something which I think wont be useful, kinda just a name and a new model.
  6. +1 Nice guy High playtime Is a great commander and would also be a great staff member
  7. +1 THE Battalion Tryhard Good playtime Mature and deserving of staff
  8. +1 Good playtime High Rank Cool guy
  9. +1 Should honestly be staff already The best candidate this time around in my opinion.
  10. Firstly, use the template Secondly, I will start by explaining what happened So when Hazard made the claim I checked logs to see that you killed him. I then got both sides of the story and from that I concluded that Hazard shot you a few times in confusion and then you revealed yourself as friendly. After that you then shot him back and killed him. The reason Hazard didn't get warned is because the reason he shot you was because you were a Wookie in an event where Wookies were considered the hostiles. The reason you got warned is because for some reason you decided to sh
  11. My names are fine, don't know why but yeah they are fine for me However for people who's arent fine +1
  12. Your steam ID was banned for AMRDM and Prop Abuse by Brigadier Jack I wasn't there so I don't know what happened but Jack is a very experienced staff so I doubt he made a mistake here.
  13. Neutral I don't usually reply to EP applications however I thought I would give my opinion on this one. I think you are a great candidate with a good event plan and great activity. However this time I feel like you had your chance and someone else should get a chance this time around. With things like this when there are many people who want the role with limited spots. I think you should be given another chance once a new round of people are in.
  14. +1 GR should be hard to take over and should be heavily defended. With the lower count of turrets it seems like 3 droids can run in and take over GR
  15. -1 You say you aren't being given a chance however the chance was you being unbanned. You say you don't know the rules however you broke the RDM rule which the staff member rightfully warned you for. Since you just got un-permabanned this usually means if you get a warn (Which you have done) then your chance over. Also if you do not know the rules it is your responsibility to make sure you know the rules, its not like a staff member wont punish you because you say you don't know the rules.