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  1. Neutral Nice guy Okay activity could be better good playtime low rank at the moment but has been arc
  2. -1 I have heard loads of bad shit about you being toxic before you left, then you come back after leaving the server for a while and come back the same toxic person shown by what Solaire said and the community feedback shows that you would not be a good staff member.
  3. Massive +1 Best candidate imo Active ARC multiple times Long playtime and long time player Nice guy
  4. +1 Active HC Good Playtime Nice guy Dedication shown as its his 5th time applying lives in Spain without the a
  5. +1 ARC Nice guy Extremely active and mature
  6. Name: RockTS Unique ID [Tools -> Identities -> Go Advanced]:MUwmsUZM1Jp7sYx77RG757TwYjQ=Requested Medal: Distinguished Service Medal (2 year medal)Evidence:Extra Information: It shows my old discord account (called Rock’s old account) joining Werwolf gaming discord on 14/03/2019 and it is currently at time of writing 30/03/2021 Two Years later.
  7. +1 Good App,Active,Good Playtime, Only had good interactions
  8. +1 for most except the point bravo look good
  9. +1/neutral Haven't had that many interactions with you so I don’t know much about your but other people say you are mature and nice guy Have a seen you a lot so your active good application
  10. +1 Haven’t any bad interactions with you Active If he can’t throw grenades just don’t give a supervised regiment with grenades decent application
  11. -1 community feedback is bad low playtime new Staff Officer so not that much Experience