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  1. All im saying is that you mention that the last thing yo remember doing was standing on the staircase connecting the three floors, and did not mention the fact that you decided to walk half the map to MHB and then suddenly your game froze? and then tried to re log because of it... IMO dug yourself a hole.
  2. You were banned by me. When you were in Main Hanger Bay you started shooting at a Medical Droid and I had to freeze you, after I tried to question you as to why you started shooting at him you just disconnected. therefore getting a ban for LTAP + ARDM and a warning for ARDM.
  3. -1 just make a z6 from worms weapons that ship isnt from clone wars, we already have LAAT's so what is the point in adding this, for EC there is the freighter that can carry many people. no point. the AT TE does seem cool but i think we should wait for LFS, more likely than ever that it is going to be added at some point, since the AT TE will surely be added with LFS.
  4. ethan


    i like lfs i just want to shoot the ai ships with my helicopter
  5. gm dont need anything and even if they did it would be the exstingisher since its kinda cool and to answer you evilgejf the reason why 501st got the shotgun at et is because that is their main equipment, gm its a flanking regiment that is why they get the gh at et the flame thrower is an added bonus and yeah the flamethrower is what gm are but they dont 'need' it do their job. -1
  6. +1 real nice guy but seriously was deathrun senior admin and i think he is some high rank in nrp gl
  7. didnt realise you applied but you are the best jedi candidate
  8. what this guy said, tbh wanted if you got staff i would be happy unlike most of the other people applying
  9. hes rc and it is proven that if you are rc you are basically already staff so congrats mate
  10. +1 very capable battalion member proved he can be a good staff member by being accepted in deathrun, althoug it is dead lmao
  11. +1 reasons stated above, great commander aswell
  12. +1 pingu is mature and is a great battalion member he is also a super staff which automatically gives him a plus 1
  13. +1 very good battalion member that deserves staff, also as pingu says is already super staff which automatically gives him a plus one