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  1. imagine only being able to react

    stupid polish person

    1. Puggo19


      Could never of been me

    2. Puggo19


      Yeah im reporting this comment

    3. Lando Lovelace
  2. I wonder where ive seen this happen before. The community exploiting a kids unawareness to make fun of him and make him do unreasonable things on the server and discord.
  3. Fake Banshee : D

    1. Bansheey



      i am real

  4. I struggle to understand why you still bother with this shit when this shithole is quite clearly a lost cause. Just a pointless waste of effort, let retards be retards Inb4 I get forum banned again : D
  5. I think this is very serious

  6. I know im not part of the community anymore but I had many good moments during my time here i'll admit. Just to name a few: -Roleplay as COTBG in V5. -Setting off the nuke on the first day of V6 -Frag nades before they were nerfed -V5 transition to V6 event -Antons infamous pizza dupe, -Rhys trying to raid said base in god mode and still struggling -When stalin showed to a crowd of people his very cool animatronic! So epic and inspirational! -The whole Andrew Logan shenanigans was really entertaining for a few days. -Bob Curtis reign of terror And many more.