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  1. Sounds like something I'd do. As for the suggestion uhhh What nathan said, -1.
  2. @Matthew Wickers Accepted - Cody & I decided to give you a chance, you'll be put on extended trial though. request roles on discord yada yada you know the drill
  3. Some people will do anything for pussy.
  4. -1 I'm rather apalled that you have the audacity to make an unban request only slightly after a month & say that you've changed for the better after being a nuisance for everyone, including SMT. The fact that you were so combat orientated jobs that are generally meant for PassiveRP (e.g. Mayor with Samuel going to war with Foundation every other day) shows that all you wanted to do was shoot people and piss people off. Once you were rightfully told to stop going to war with Foundation as Mayor, you stopped playing Mayor, which tells me that you played it to CombatRP specifically. The fact that you went SCP-035, the one SCP that can get guns is just hilarious, as it showed that you just want to play jobs that have access to guns and nothing else. One thing I find funny is that you said "I'm gonna get blacklisted off of all CombatRP jobs so I'm forced to go for PassiveRP". It's hilarious. I enjoy how you attempted to defend yourself when you tossed an actual good RP opportunity into the gutter by saying "I would have left had Moltke not shot me" when you clearly went straight for him. It would be a huge mistake for SMT to even allow you close to the server, so do everyone a favour & stay banned. In other words: You escaped Tarkov, stop trying to get back in.
  5. oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit
  6. Honestly, this is the best app that I've ever seen. The entire council would have loved to have you in but the little prick named Kabasch Cashew decided it funny to steal the slot from you... I've begged Rex to let you in instead of him but like the bitch he is he wouldn't listen... I'm very sorry but it's not possible to let you in the council :(((( @Howling Rexpls pls pls accept him and remove kabasch instead!!!!!
  7. Time to toss my disgusting indian "opinion" in here. Already a huge red flag. Without any experience in any Site Administration there's no way to know if you'll be good at O5 or not, and you really shouldn't learn how to play Site Admins on O5 of all jobs. There's not much explanation on what the council is & does on a daily basis, only really saying that the world would end without them, which is a bit of a maybe, with groups like GOC & UIU existing it would probably last. You've kinda failed to explain what an O5 does on the server, which is oversee Site Admins & whatnot. They don't normally grant permissions for tests, demotions & such, that would go to the SD or HR. Anyway, the app is pretty bad, a lot of the answers fall flat & I don't know if I could trust you in the council, so the chances of you getting in is pretty Unlikely.
  8. Just gonna toss this in here real quick This isn't really a trait that is special, if anything it's a requirement to join the council. Better to bring something new to the table instead of stating that you can do what most of the other council members can do. Other than that the application looks alright. Good luck.
  9. -1 Who even are you? Wouldn't be surprised if you're lying about your playtime, as the last time it was reset was about 2 years ago according to Plague, meaning you'd be around 12 and I doubt a 12 year old would know about SCP, show an interest in SCP, have Gmod & join a server based on SCP. The application itself is a joke, with it being incredibly underdetailed & amazingly generic. Generic "ooo the council is shrouded in mystery ooo they're so spooky & edgy ooo" instead of actually stating what you know about them. Huge red flag right here as it shows that you have absolutely no experience in leading & ensuring nothing goes to shit. Nothing special, all the other current members are able to make the tough decisions by default, the reason they got accepted is because they had other qualities to go with it. And please don't say that you can improve roleplay within the council, every time that phrase has been used it has never been true.
  10. SB Rust - DENIED Management has deemed you unfit to join.
  11. Yeah this really doesn't scream RP -1, Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  12. Who? In all seriousness, this'll just go to shit with the knowledge that both the creator of Bright & Bright himself being a nonce & won't look good on the server & for the event "team", so -1.