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  1. Well I mean that was pretty obvious what it is. Grabbing an IP and posting it in Discord. -1
  2. Lewis summed it up. You have nothing positive going for you, Sorry or not. Laughing at someone dying, involved or not is wrong. Even without it you have shown nothing but toxic behaviour in the past. Was somewhat ok as a Battalion atleast to me not sure about others. I know you might "be sorry" but not enough effort imo has really been put in to show it. I'm all for second chances but I am very against this for now. I just don't feel like you really actually want to come on and play seriously. Maybe you do and there's no way to prove it but due to how others feel about you and overa
  3. I mean you are ok in Jedi but I don't know what to say. I mean you are new and was recently blacklisted and unblacklisted from DU. -1 for now
  4. I have one question, Will you even remember what the Mins are for Minimum Claims? Considering you could barely remember mins for GC/41st SO after being there for the longest time is indeed worrying
  5. -1 Toxic as hell, Gives abuse to other people for no reason. Recently got tier'd in DarkRP staff. "Slit your wrists and record it" Yeah bro. No way.
  6. As long as it all works fine, Yes please
  7. Map is kinda big for file size. But looks cool
  8. I don't care if this guy doesn't speak much if he can get ARC without speaking much he can get staff. Hella competent.
  9. Kato has been known to have some tendencies to resign alot however I must admit, He is competent and doesn't tolerate people who mess around often in ranks such as Peacekeeper etc. +1
  10. I'm sorry meep but you aren't that active anymore. -1
  11. +1 This guys is kinda cool, Wish he was on more tho but yeah he's alright I suppose for a CG Giant Red Gorrila taser man. Plus he is CG so he is basically in character staff
  12. Recently came back, Told me I have no chance of ARC and poor attitude. Blacklisted from DU. -1
  13. More maps are cool as long as they can work with the playercount
  14. Only issue felucia has loud af elevators