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  1. What your suggestion is: Fixing Scavenger to be less mingy and make a lot more senseScriptfodder/workshop link: (Copy Paste into Browser if they don't work) additional information: The first add-on is making and creating drugs. In my opinion, This would be a good addi
  2. You knew you broke a rule and left since your friend got banned...
  3. MRDMx3 Did it on Both Jedi and CG Job. PME is Warnable as it is Late Night doesn't mean break rules 2 Weeks is completely fine for what you did. Came from a 3 Day ban from minging with others and proceeds to MRDM is unacceptable. Take your ban how it is and come back with intent to RP. Considering you was letting Battalion Security cuff you and RDA and partake in this. You should understand from your first ban messing around late night doesn't exempt from the rules. Huge -1 for me
  4. New Rule was added to Scav just for your actions. -1
  5. So you type in "Traps" and expected nothing. Right. Rogue I am pretty sure at the time said it's your fault if anything happens and it did. Next time, Listen to him.
  6. You had it coming for you, actively intentionally looking for it. It's kinda obvious what was gonna happen accident or not. -1
  7. Aight, Imma put this Short because everyone thinks the same. You only have an intention to minge. I witnessed you RDA a CG multiple times across 3 days. Let alone, the CG involved joined in. If you think this is ok and continuing to mess around on basically every job. Constant minging as an ABS. You do nothing but minge on the server and you are lucky I didn't warn you for RDA as it is. 1 week in generous tbh. You have been banned numerous times. You know what you did wrong, I am surprised you don't know what you did wrong. Constantly getting cuffed as an ABS and using the job to abuse cuffs.
  8. +1 Very nice guy and is active Unsure about the use of Dooku but, The HP For the apprentices is very nice. Clone side seems good. Glad to see effort has been put in.
  9. That hasn't played the server in a while doesn't mean anything. Imo, Did decent events in the past, However used to struggled loading in which was not great for 7pms. Kinda of a low rank at the minute and not too long came back. Jedi side will also be extremely scuff as the Youngling has 100 HP and will die to almost anything and having 4 Sith with only 25k will not be fun for your ECs at all as most Jedi now days are overpowered and can probably do alot of damage solo. Clone side seems ok though
  10. +1 Event Plan looks good and Razor is top notch lad. So Yeah, Cool
  11. They look fresh and more models are cool so +1
  12. +1 Decent file size and look good
  13. +1 It's a main DU equipment. Huge reason to add
  14. I must say, As an EC you actually know how to RP and is pretty good. You've come far as a GC COL. The event honestly seems solid. "Faking" Loggings in Jedi is... questionable and sometimes your attitude and behaviour isn't the best but. I think as an EP itself you would be good so I would say neutral however it doesn't mean you'd be a bad EP so best of luck.