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  1. Remove Regen but not GH. GH fun and Wookies like the trees and a Wookie can't climb without his grapple hook. I say keep it
  2. 41st will be able to do literally and utterly nothing in events and it would make the regiment redundant. If you want to kill a regiment, removing the grapple hook is how you do it. -1
  3. +1 Highly trusted and is one of the best Master+. Would do a great job
  4. +1 EX-RA and Trusted. Alot of experience in Batt on CWRP. Top lad.
  5. +1 Clearly competent. EX-High Command. Trusted. Very good choice right now. Top lad
  6. Solaire


    You was intentionally looking for it what do you expect. You act surprised like it didn't mean to happen when you went our your way to go look for it. -1
  7. I don't mean to be rude but this will really lower your chances, Just because you have read one else where doesn't mean it is the same.
  8. +1 The amount of effort this guy puts into Jedi was insane and would no doubt do well on IRP. Highly trusted due to past high ranks on CWRP.
  9. Netural. I like Splix but I don't know the full story of his demotion in EP so I cannot judge. When he was EP he did do some good events however with his supposed abuse of ULX I am unsure.
  10. +1 Mans been EP for a long time and has done a very good job in the past. Not much to say due to past EP Experience on CWRP
  11. +1 Top guy, Is really good guy on CWRP. Has made quality events in the past and would do great as EP here.
  12. +1 The EP app is clearly realistic and is easy to go through without going over the top while still being creative. Nesta has been high rank quite a few times and is doing very well in putting high quality into Jedi. Nesta also did very well in Staff on CWRP and can be trusted with ULX.
  13. +1 Trippy is a top guy and has no doubt a very good past on CWRP as EP. Top guy
  14. No offence but why would this be needed when Barc speeders are barely used as it is and the current LAATs work wonders. I see no point in this. -1
  15. +1 Man has been Battalion for and he was a great battalion Supervisor in my time. He's lead in the past no issues and was removed from Battalion in the past which if you ask me was unfair due to him being on multiple days before he was demoted Battalion. I think he'd smash it. Never had issues with him when he was GC Supervisor. He also does a great Boris Johnson impression.