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  1. Steam Name + Profile link:valvarock Roleplay Name:74th AMO Sparkie Teamspeak Name:Sparie Playtime on the Server:11w 4days SteamID ( Any experience in staffing: i know a bit but not much Current Age:18 Warns/Bans:none Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?:yes Event Plan: Create an event plan, this is what we will use for your first training event. Make it easy to understand and original(Use the Template): . while on a base map, the republic receiv
  2. +1 also at this point it seems like you are denying him based upon his age, which to be frank is completely unfair as its only a game and so shuldn't matter too much as if battalion mess around too much anyway they can be kicked. corn has proven himself countless times in 327th and also balancing sage at the same time. majority of 74th trainings he comes and participates in meaning he can not just exceed in one regiment but also suceed in another, from when i was battalion that seemed like an extremely useful skill to have and lines well into skills needed to be a sucessful battalion, byt con
  3. +1 dedicated to his regiment does mess around a bit from what i saw but is light humour, one thing be careful for his jokes
  4. +1 got arc when mandos were a thing to pass, when i supervised 212th he was very chill, calm and knew how to lead an event properly
  5. +1 is needed and saves them asking then getting the admin or themmselves killed waiting for it (seen that happen)
  6. +1 can be added and then removed or replaced at a later point plus needed for event anyway
  7. ngl super troopers having stun guns is bad enough and people mess around with them. scavs having them would just cause them to mess around further and the whole point of scav is to trick people and be stealthy anyway, a stun gun would litrally just give away your location every time and just be pointless. what i suggest is having more models for scavs and not giving more equipment and think about it logically, they dont earn much and rely off stealing anyway if you want a atun gun as a scav steal one of a CG. -1
  8. i have been on that map its good from the lower levels but the rest is either missing textures or just an elevator down neutral/-1 belived we used this map for order 66
  9. yeah i see your points. just ignore this suggestion
  10. What your suggestion is:a new event map Scriptfodder/workshop link: Any additional information: seems like the map has alot you can do for it offering a small but fairly open map with a town that ec can role play as civillions and also having areas for combat aswell. will need testing before using for lag ect
  11. +1 need leading training maybe though, but so do i
  12. known him ever since he joined 74th, heck even did his tryout, one of the finest 74th i have had the pleasure to know and certainly deserves a chance at battalion +1
  13. +1 good application , chill dude (never gonna forget dude) but yeah defenatly deserves a shot (may need to improve leading)
  14. neutral, this is kinda further adding to du's unstable hierarchy not the best time is all i am saying