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  1. -1 Being related to Archer I dont trust your genes.
  2. +1 An absolute chad which you cant often say about people who stay in CT, make it happen.
  3. So because she's female she lacks integrity? I doubt your integrity but its got nothing to do with what's between your legs. Here ill help you out, you saying the below doesn't apply to a woman? noun 1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
  4. HUGE -1 Toxic cunt who thinks hes better than he is, im not even on the server anymore and still wouldn't want to see him get it.
  5. +1 If you dont give her staff then your a cunt.
  6. Neutral Think Dyno is great, but ive never personally understood being both EP and staff, and would rather someone who hasnt has had the chance to be staff before get it over someone who already has ULX access.
  7. Just going to post what i wrote in weapon feedback - the 327th changes are shit, the front line aspect of 327th has been removed with the removal of the IHR and E22, the T21B isn't suited to front line engagement at all with the slow fire rate, the only viable weapon we have for front lining now is the mini gun, which doesn't reliably do the damage with its spread. i reckon i speak on behalf of just about all of 327th when i say please revert it back to what it was!
  8. Allows my child related activities to continue without interruption, what more can i say?
  9. -1 I had -1 on your last app but to be fair this new one is better I guess, although its still very vague and I dont feel like you know exactly how its going to go. Really you shouldn't be deleting apps and putting them back up, editing would have been better as you've effectively removed any feedback which was already left to you. Also dont respond on your own app, there's 6 comments on it and 3 are you.
  10. +1 I like the event plan, really detailed and not too generic, good luck mate.
  11. +1 It was a fucking shame he didn't get it the 1st time, definitely a good choice. Good Luck mate!
  12. +1/neutral Good lad and great app, only thing against him is I reckon there's stronger apps right now, but I dont doubt that if he got it he would do well enough
  13. +1 Like I said on his last app, really good choice with his imagination as I rate he will put together some great events that people will enjoy.