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  1. Dyno

    Ban appeal

    Ban is from June 5th 2020 Been long enough, +1
  2. +1 Need I say more? (Also I do kinda agree with some of the things Hash said.)
  3. +1 REX is a great guy tbh, I’m surprised he didn’t get staff. High IC ranks and loads of experience. Activity is a slight problem but not so much that you can’t do events. App is great as well! Good luck and I hope you are chosen!
  4. +1 People are gonna say shit like you got demoted twice or whatever, but how are you meant to show that you’ve grown if you haven’t been given a chance. I think enough time has passed for Hash to be trusted again with a ULX role. Moving on, I think your event plan is great. Very detailed and immersive. High IC role and great guy IMO, good luck and I hope you get in!
  5. -1 Everyone’s said everything already. Why tf is evilgejf still commenting on people’s apps
  6. I’m sorry Joe, but this is gonna have to be a -1 Here’s why in the kindest way I can put it: - You haven’t mentioned what your Jedi ECs will be or their health in the section dedicated to explanation of ECs. - Your Event is very basic and lacks originality in many areas. Additionally, you say things like “That room which I can’t remember the name of” - Your playtime is slightly low and I have concerns about your behaviour now, let alone what would change after being given ULX powers. - Finally, you haven’t put the required “WG-EPlanner” in the anything else section.
  7. The way it kinda works atm is, if 212th blow up a droppod, the EP has to come over and delete it or colour it or whatever. This addon would free up time in events while also providing some of that good quality immersion were all thirsty for.
  8. +1 Personally, I think enough time has passed for him to be unbanned and given another chance. Everyone else makes good arguments but, I have personally spoken to Little John and I know that he is genuinely apologetic, wants to come back to the server, and make up for the damages he’s caused. It’s more than just one mistake for sure but I think reduction of the ban would be good as it’s nearly been a year.
  9. Neutral I know you’ve only just resigned from 327th but, I’ve seen people resign from a high rank and join another regiment only to fully leave a few days or weeks later. I think that although the map you’ve chosen is a very naturally scripted map, you’ve made a good story and detailed execution of it. Good luck!
  10. +1 I’ve done this mans suggested events. I’ve seen what his creative little mind can come up with. Good luck!
  11. +1 It isn’t a rank or ULX power to Loaf, it’s genuinely the ability to create and produce events. Over the last month or maybe more, Loaf has genuinely shown a dedication and desire to be an EP that I have never seen before. He’s a high ranking individual in CT, and he’s an all round great guy. I hope you get chosen. Good luck!
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    Please take this SCP cringe to your own side of the forums