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  1. +1 I can see how this can make certain sections of events really fun. Rather than GC sitting up on top of the ATC tower. Would make a fine addition to the collection.
  2. Hello how is everyone today
  3. +1 My first impression of corn is obviously going to be the voice. However, I personally know what it’s like to be younger and passed up on for it. Although I have never actually had any proper experience with corn, some experienced people like Xi, Nathan, and Stoef have, so I must take their word for it. Overall, I think if you can maturely handle situations where people question your authority, you would be one of the better picks! Good luck!
  4. +1 Doesn't make sense how it is currently.
  5. Clearly the topic of the future of DU hierarchy is prevalent. I understand that me leaving will be the 4th DU commander within 4 months. However, I can safely say the regiment is in safe hands. By the end of next week we will have a Vice Commander and shortly after we will have an Executive Officer. Our current SOs are more than capable, some I'd say some are more capable than me, to take the reigns and proceed. Should this application be denied for this reason? Possibly. Will I continue to try and improve the regiment to the best of my ability? Absolutely. Overall, thank you for the repli
  6. Out of Character Section - Steam Name: Dyno Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:221776883 Current rank on the server: Platinum VIP Age:17 What is your playtime: 4W 6D 15H Do you have a microphone, is it good quality: I have a microphone and it is good quality. Have you read and looked through the Battalion Handbook: Yes, I have. Do you meet the requirements: I do meet the requirements. Quick summary about you: I am a 17 year old from the United Arab Emirates. Specifically, the beautiful and not very histor
  7. -1 Extremely immature, disrespectful, and toxic. On top of that, the event is not the best. Some of the information in the event description does not line up with our server. I.E. "Navy" "41st. Overall, I find you to be one of the lower tier candidates that have applied.