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  1. +1 Good plan, great guy, love to see him as an EP!
  2. +1 Good in DU, to some extent, and good event plan. Although, I worry the daily labour of living in Latvia puts him at a slight disadvantage. Nonetheless, Sharp would be a teriffic event planner.
  3. +1 Great guy, bit young but shouldn't matter too much. Great commander, would be a good fit I think.
  4. +1 Nose longer than Pinocchio, maybe that's why he was perma banned on NRP? Helps DU whenever asked. Top guy.
  5. +1 Great guy, CEO of Racism. On a more serious note: He is a great batt member, very active, mature, and from speaking to him I can tell he genuinely wants it
  6. +1 Good guy, loves spreadsheets, is racist.
  7. -1 The warn for prop block is exactly what it is, a warning.
  8. +1 Silent for security staff smh
  9. +1 Looks really cool, would give events a little more atmosphere!
  10. I agree with a lot of the points made. I do remember really wanting to be selected for EC back then and that's the way it should be. As an EP you can give out OP weaponry or set HPs higher to combat the one side of the server with extremely OP weaponry but then, the rest of the player base will get shat on and begin complaining. Jedi only EPs would be cool, never really understood why we can't have them. If anything, there needs to be a wider variety of weapons for EPs to choose from. Additionally, they need to pack some punch.
  11. +1 Lmao Bobby Great guy, deserves it again.
  12. +1 Reason listed above.
  13. Recently tried to get around his DU blacklist by going to another DU hierarchy member, calling me a liar, and entirely denying it.