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  1. (sorry for posting on the scp section but yes) Bill was an amazing church owner, tbh Church was probably the highlight of my time on the server, although most of it was combat RP near the end the "wtf church dead" label died out because Bill turned the job around and i highly respect him for that. Bill always had the idea of reverting the maxwellism change and sadly he was too late before he could do anything. It may sound weird for perm banned kid to be saying this but i hope this gets given another shot. ("lol puggo alt like church lol get joke xddd lololo")
  2. freddy crazy alt

    1. hurt Blecha the second

      hurt Blecha the second

      Β See the source image noooo!!! how did you find me out!??!?!

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  3. can you stop putting confused emoji its making me sad !! 😭

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      Lando Lovelace

      yeah im not joking shut the fuck up its annoying

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    4. hurt Blecha the second

      hurt Blecha the second

      nooo!!! you cantΒ  just say trolled !!!!! going to tell nora to come your house !!!Β 


  4. please stop forum banning me for non existent rules 😒


  6. always remember ISD finesse  😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭