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  1. -1 Never seen you before in my life App is good though
  2. oh god 18 Warns in a month, just deny it please -1
  3. +1 Has a weird E-11 Fetish Active
  4. MC&D Ethics Committee Apart from that rest looks good, had some great times with this weird man with a Femboy Fetish? Anyways +1
  5. +1 Highly respected in my opinion, a competent and nice guy in general Good luck!
  6. Years ago? If it was years ago just leave it lmao -1
  7. he wont make me pac or free HoMD WL so i dont like him
  8. The First SCP you saw or heard about, 106 from a mate of mineYour First Favourite SCP, 999 lolFirst SCP game you EVER played, SCP-SL How old were you when you discovered SCP. Well, i heard about it when I was what, 11?
  9. We were picking them off on rooftops, i forgot to take the Scope off
  10. @James Bluejay ISD applications are closed due to the job being pretty much full, it will be a while until it gets responded too.