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  1. +1 As Hendrikus said, real life exists. I don't think he knew he was gonna be arrested right before going to work. He gave info according to Banshee and even gave another 5 minutes for Hoffman to do more shit or something. Believe it or not, the world does not end when you are unable to do like, torture RP on a guy or some shit. Good luck in your ban appeal!
  2. Banshee wasnt the one with the evidence, I believe some orpo guy was. Evidence I assume will back up our claims though, havent seen it myself.
  3. +1 Rules clearly state that what Daniel did here is fair and doesn't break the rules. I asked the orpo who reported him for the video evidence but he refused to, so hopefully he will post it here. Good luck in your appeal!
  4. +1 A 36 hour ban for one person failing to advert counter is simply ridiculous. AT MOST a tier 1 warning should have been given, but preferably roleplay shouldn't have been interrupted at all and staff could have just used /pm to give a reminder for everyone to counter next time. Good luck in your appeal!
  5. Nigga its micspam, banning someone hurts roleplay more than micspam and should be used as a last resort, and as Handiman said just tell them to shut up/give a verbal warning, therefore allowing the person to roleplay lol
  6. Maybe admins should instead give punishments which do not impede possible roleplay [ie a verbal warning.] +1, verbal warning could have used. Good luck in your appeal!
  7. +1 i want my stocks money back smhsmh and tbh its been quite a long time since you have been banned though i believe it might have been October or November as gmod for some reason continuously updates ban times for some reason. It was a relatively minor offence which didnt really effect anyone. Good luck in your appeal!
  8. +1 It literally amazes me on how you can give an 84hr ban for an accident and something so menial, which can obviously be fixed by doing hp ^ or some shit. Genius rule knowledge here. No, you won't get an immediate tier 2 as a vet because believe it or not the average person doesn't remember a gazillion rules on some NaziRP server. I would really like to see where it says veterans always get a tier 2 ngl. Jannies need to cope and perhaps seethe. Lichtenstein should at very most get a tier 1 warn or maybe jannies, as said above, should cope and perhaps seethe. Good luck in your appeal!
  9. +1 If you just did LTARP then you definitely should not have been banned for a month. Good luck in your appeal!
  10. -1 they have clearly used a prototype of die glocke in the last moments of the video, such inventions could really turn the war into a certified victory
  11. +1 Thinking that some in game punishment is more important than IRL is an absolute jannie mentality. Sure you technically broke the rules but the punishment can easily be rescheduled to a better time for you as it is so minor. You should be unbanned imo.
  12. appeal it lol, not against the rules dont forget to use the template