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  1. Which Rank/tag do you need: Senior Mod SWRP What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): Key Evidence (A image of your name ingame with the said rank, or a image of yourself on the old forum. Do not post sensitive information such as emails/PayPal payments please:
  2. -1 You've improved and a nice lad at that, but surely you should have realised that using a flame thrower on someone sat on a prop would kill them. plus you was on a one strike system since you came back from a ban.
  3. Ok so i banned you for 6 weeks not 12 days, you received 7 warns throughout the day with lots of arrests to the point you didn't really care for breaking IC rules as the moment you was cuffed you'd go AFK, also you just came off a 2 week ban so after hearing you LTARP and when someone told you not to leave because of this you simply said "i'm going bed, i don't care" a lot of the day you was driving recklessly a lot of times as RRM being told repeatedly to stop eventually killing people, also you was going on other jobs and just generally having no intent to RP from messing about as Youngling
  4. +1 Great lad high rank and dedicated to his role in 41st Mature Likes mayo butties
  5. +1 Great lad Active Good App Previous experience of ULX
  6. +1 Good lad Would be a nice fit for Battalion Very Active Mature
  7. +1 Was great when he was battalion, really friendly guy with a lot of positivity behind him. has the experience behind him also so would fit in just fine.
  8. -1 Previous experiences of you and from others have just been negative from being overly toxic to members of the community because you don't agree with them for example: being toxic on VIP jobs to being very argumentative when you disagree with someone's opinion or arguing with staff members just because they are doing their job on the server, and as some people have already said you seem to have a problem with equipment abuse. Personally id say you'd need more time on the server to show people that that you can follow rules and act mature.
  9. +1 Good Lad Active Vice Commander in CT Wish he'd join 501st already
  10. +1 Good lad Cadet trained me! High Rank
  11. +1 has a good attitude for staff, Good activity and is really hard working in 501st, is also PK in Jedi so works closely with CG dealing with IC Rules so would have a good understanding of when ooc rules are broken, Good luck lad.
  12. -1 Pretty much what Bean said
  13. Key


    +1 Would be a nice addition.
  14. The Mygeeto map looks cool, but as you said is pretty small, the geonosis map would be cool but with Crusier canyon + the updated Geonosis They would just fit this purpose more. Illum would be cool for an extra Snow map to use, The Arquitens is a really nice map and size, but the map isn't very well optimised so if used with a full server it could lag quite a bit.