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  1. -1, don't see how this will for or improve the server.
  2. -1 I don't think anyone cares about you
  3. one of your buddies put this so wonderfully: you weren't even behind him, let alone directly behind him. gunpoint was invalid.
  4. -1 Even if he was 3rd person abusing, he isn't doing anything with it, when it comes to the gunpointing, you are literally looking at his side and he got ya. Cry more I guess...
  5. Your In-Game name: Thomas Hendrikus Jr Your Steam name: Marinus Reported staff members In-game name / Forum name / Steam name: Yadri Yaemma/Jimbo Staff members STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:42771394 Rank of reported staff member (If known): Community Developer What did the reported staff member do to abuse their power / break server rules: Break fearRP (Running under gunpoint) Evidence:
  6. Custom Group Name: Reichssicherheitsdienst (RSD) History: RSD was originally the main bodyguard force for Adolf Hitler, later also in charge of securing high ranking officials. The members of the RSD had to be "tried and trusted National Socialists, and furthermore excellent criminal-police officers of unconditional reliability, utmost conscientiousness in fulfillment of duties, good manners and physical dexterity" according to Heinrich Himmler. The tasks of the RSD included personal security, investigation of assassination plans, surveillance of locations before the arrival of the protected person and checking of buildings as well as personnel. The RSD could also request assistance from other organizations and for example took command of all local police detailed with the protection of Hitler during a visit by him to a city. The OKW declared that the RSD officers guarding Hitler during the war were Wehrmacht officials and there were given the status of secret military police (and was now also referred to as the Reichssicherheitsdienst Gruppe Geheime Feldpolizei z.b.V.) and could now request help from the regular feldgendarmerie as well as any regular troops, enter any military building, wear the uniform of any branch etc. Role on the server: The main task of the RSD on the server will be providing security for SS generals, WH Generals, the (Stv.) Gauleiter and will help with events such as court cases, ceremonies and dinners/parties with tasks such as ID checking and weapon checking. Public Documents: Spreadsheet: Uniform policy Code of conduct (Will be made and published if accepted.) Positions in the In RP Group: Custom Jobs(s): Name: Offizier der Reichssicherheitsdienst Slots: 4 Equipment: mp40, p08, weapon checker, shackles. Abilities: Stripcomms, strip weapons, see through fake IDs. Model: Allgemeine SS CO model. Job Two: Unterführer der Reichssicherheitsdienst Slots: 6 Equipment: mp40, p08, weapon checker, shackles. Abilities: Stripcomms, strip weapons, see through fake IDs. Model: Allgemeine SS NCO model. Note: RSD could maybe replace the Swiss embassy if the amount of custom groups is a concern as the embassy is very dead and inactive.
  7. There are no more barriers to cross. All I have in common with the uncontrollable and the insane, the vicious and the evil, all the mayhem I have caused and my utter indifference toward it I have now surpassed. My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone, in fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no one to escape, but even after admitting this there is no catharsis, my punishment continues to elude me and I gain no deeper knowledge of myself; no new knowledge can be extracted from my telling. This confession has meant nothing. Where there was nature and earth, life and water, I saw a desert landscape that was unending, resembling some sort of crater, so devoid of reason and light and spirit that the mind could not grasp it on any sort of conscious level and if you came close the mind would reel backward, unable to take it in. It was a vision so clear and real and vital to me that in its purity it was almost abstract. This was what I could understand, this was how I lived my life, what I constructed my movement around, how I dealt with the tangible. This was the geography around which my reality revolved: it did not occur to me, ever, that people were good or that a man was capable of change or that the world could be a better place through one’s own taking pleasure in a feeling or a look or a gesture, of receiving another person’s love or kindness. Nothing was affirmative, the term “generosity of spirit” applied to nothing, was a cliche, was some kind of bad joke. Sex is mathematics. Individuality no longer an issue. What does intelligence signify? Define reason. Desire- meaningless. Intellect is not a cure. Justice is dead. Fear, recrimination, innocence, sympathy, guilt, waste, failure, grief, were things, emotions, that no one really felt anymore. Reflection is useless, the world is senseless. Evil is its only permanence. God is not alive. Love cannot be trusted. Surface, surface, surface, was all that anyone found meaning in…this was civilization as I saw it, colossal and jagged. What can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself; who gives your arguments a fair hearing and simply persists in his lunacy? Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious. The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me? The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed. Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. anyway, neutral
  8. While what you did isn't a horrid crime against humanity you could have simply typed in /looc. 6 days is a bit much for something that could have been handled with a verbal warning or a tier 1 and no ban. I don't know what your previous warns are so I am going to do the funny thing and say Neutral
  9. Which Rank/tag do you need: PlatVIP What is your RP Name on the server(only use one): Thomas Hendrikus Jr Evidence (A image of your name ingame with the said rank, or a image of yourself on the old forum. Do not post sensitive information such as emails/PayPal payments please: