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  1. -1 This would just Fuck people that are low on Money are trying to get some, To Some person to walk in and 1 tap them
  2. +1 Makes sence, a Hitman is only doing his Job
  3. +1 The Server needs a New Sky and Addon for Fog/Smoke and Shit This would be Lovely to used and Allows pilot to have a Diffrent View everytime they change MAP/Fly
  4. -1 Isnt hard to Click a Key a Few times
  5. -1 No, Just no The Reason it is like this in the First Place is to try and Stop RDA, And Half the time it dosent matter
  6. +1 Its wont be OP and it would be handy
  7. Archer

    WCD dealer

    Did you know, F4 Exists so this isnt needed
  8. Neutral It would be Nice for the Grenade cannon to have a Upgrade due to it being absolutely fucking Useless Triple cannon is fine as it is, Im not coder but changing damage for Entities and Players fall under the same Section so coding it to do such thing will be Hard, And Most of the Time the triple cannon goes against Props Also if your Buffing turrets. the Laat Cannon needs to be Better
  9. -1 This Event Plan is Incredibly Simple and Near to Impossible to Complete No Way will Commando Droids get to GR without being killed Also the EC and Republic Execution is 1 Sentance when it should be Explain whats the Droids/Republic Due to the Size of the Event Plan, Seems the Event will last about 4 Minutes
  10. +1 Lovely Event Plan, My eyes hurt reading it Been Staff. So knows ULX Did get Demoted from Staff due to Staff Abuse Overall Nice plan and Alot of Detail
  11. Neuteral Looking at the App itself hurts me Eyes Alot Of Infomation placed inside the Appication Reading the Jedi Event seems to be very Bogstandard with Just JHD's attacking Jedi There isnt much infomation past the Bennging of the Event
  12. Basic Information: Steam Name + Profile link: Ellis414, [Please dont question the name] Roleplay Name ; CE PFT Colonel Archer/ Jedi Consular Archer Teamspeak Name: Archer Playtime on the Server: 19 Weeks 4 Days [At Time of writing] SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:431238619 Any experience in staffing: I've moderated Severs on a Diffrent Game, But on GMOD. Negative Current Age: 14 Warns/Bans: 4 [All be Inactive for a While though] Do you have a working microphone and is it understandable?: Yes
  13. -1 You would only come on to Minge, I have seen a Video of you Mingeing during Debrief I also seen you alot going ABS to not Roleplay Aswell as if you get Perma Banned its for a Legitimate Reason, Also Im sorry isnt an Excuse to get Unbanned
  14. Neutral As Toon Said, Trying to Keep Control of Who has the Medal would be Very hard. But it would be Very Cool and Nice In the End, The Logistics overwelm the Good