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  1. Denied, Community Feedback You may reapply in 7 days
  2. Accepted Contact me on discord; Bansheee#9082
  3. Unironically believes since you are from another server that you can't comment or play on SWRP, you have the braincells of a 5 year old ape and should of been gone like harambe.
  4. Usually wouldn’t reply to staff applications but looking at this application from a glance in itself, -1 You seem to believe that having a IC medal is something that justifys you to be a staff member, yes it may show your dedication as someone being there for a long time but it still has no grounds on how you bare with out of charcater issues (sits and soding) , if already have the idea that rank means something and something to boast. You are a fucking degenerate for believing so, Carrying on, reading through Erichs of response towards this staff application, everything he said
  5. @Synbig retard , how could you not appreciate
  6. Accepted, You will be put on an extended trial of 1 extra week though, please contact me on discord; Bansheee#9082
  7. Denied, This application is poorly written and mixing in lore, please rewrite this application to better standards. Contact me in DMs if you have any questions regarding your denial; Bansheee#9082
  8. Accepted, Aplogizes for my absence but you get it, please contact me in discord; Bansheee#9082
  9. Accepted, Sorry for my absence from this, contact me in DMs please; Bansheee#9082
  10. Fartsheey xDDDD

  11. A would just leave it but the thankful feedback from norra helps. You have 24 hours to change the colour of the text in this application, because being completly real, I can’t see anything.
  12. Denied, Literally never seen Kinqu -1 it for a good reason @Kinqu Kylewell done. You may reapply in 1 week.
  13. Oh I got permission to unban you btw so it’ll be done tonight , welcome back
  14. Lmao, join events . I don’t think youll be accepted for the sole reason to join events. It’d be nice to have you on if you actually didn’t break the rules. So you admitted to it and you can’t argue for your case. -1