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  1. Ok, to address this. He broke a server rule, depressing to see that he got the whole CO team of logitics to try get me a tier for admin abuse that doesn't exsist.
  2. give me MC&D salesman wl now


  3. Also to add before I get the “waa waa , you are a EP you should know” . No , I’m literally on a trial week from the last time I was EP about 3-4 months ago ?????
  4. I didn’t know I spawned with it, I don’t avidly check what I spawn with… you can’t put admin abuse for something I didn’t even know . We checked the logs , when I was trial moderator I didn’t spawn with it… You are making stupid assumptions without any basic backing. I honestly had 0 clue why I had it and thought it was given as a weapon reform before Kraz made a suggestion as FePo could do it. im sorry I “ruined” your Roleplay experience of you having someone kidnapped for 1 more minute until we have someone who could properly battering ram it. Other admins were also confused on why I had it… Admin Abuse with 0 backing !
  5. -1 42 warnings... What the actual fuck? If you do get unbanned, should be one more warning no matter tier I or tier II you will get permaed.
  6. -1 Holy fuck , this unban appeal is a mess. Ex Server Owner said you broke a server rule, i trust him over you any day. He wouldn't lie to get someone banned for no reason. Stop being retarded and blaming the admin when he was told information by someone.
  7. +1 Taylor is one of the most comeptent people within WG. Been everything and everywhere
  8. Also to add, i've even seen logs. He gave every bit of info possible
  9. +1 This is just retarded... My man has real life job = not allowing to come on for a few minutes
  10. I'll explain, You literally said you don't care if you got a warning, because "you would pay harland to remove it". Meaning you have literal no intention to properly roleplay. Using warnings as a punishment means nothing so a ban was given, this being NITRP Tier II. I was being kind and made it 2 weeks rather than simply permabanning you. You then LTARP without informing Staff and just left. So following punishment guidelines, 14 days + 2 days = 16, since it was a B5. You recieved a 100% boost meaning 16 + 16 = 32. It was fair and even another moderator agreed.
  11. You were literally roleplaying as you were sucking someones dick, a report was made on it and the way you were acting made me believe you were, if you didn't you fucked around in a sit admitting to something that you didnt to.
  12. +1 Literally new to the server, should of been a tier I.
  13. -1 And i quote "I guessed he was NSDAP because of his uniform", "it looked to fancy". Fucking muppet.
  14. +1 Good ic rank, good guy ooc and chill asf with him, genuily knows what he's talking about
  15. What? I'm not trying to be rude, but are you retarded? You commited the rule breakage. That's final, i literally said in a ts channel and the manager said. "Your a TMOD, you deal with it".