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  1. as of me logging on to the server going on refugee and asking perm to build a house also for me ruining peoples experience by me asking perm to get my own space where i can build then when people come in and get prop killed because i spawned in a prop for building its on me despite telling them to back off i get arrested for no reason because people don't check chat and as far as im concerned i ruin no ones experience and i did not hear anyone but you complain about it also about what you said you seem to know whenever i minge which by what you said is every time im on also when i build behind bar or anywhere usually my build get's deleted and im told to take it down which i have not seen happen with other refugee's/bartenders
  2. what else would i do if i was all alone
  3. also the flags technically didn't break any rules because the only rules they could break is prop spam and prop spam involves lagging/crashing the server and don't say ussless props because ussless also add up on a build which also lags the server the flags did none of it
  4. that one picture when there was no one on and me forgetting to remove them
  5. i do not i genuinely try to rp as VIP jobs but my rp gets limited when im arrested and denied stuff just because im not liked also getting granted to build and then getting arrested is real fun rp for me
  6. perma ban for 8 warns and also im sorry but since when is getting arrested a bannable offense
  7. that's a lie and the fact that im on refugee asking to build a house and building my house in peace that you think that's me being a minge and i get denied for no reason
  8. My In-Game name: Ibambala STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:221225556 Steam Name: Jerry What is the reason for your ban: apparently NH2RP How long were you banned for: perma Name of the staff member who banned you: kids Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: perma ban? Evidence: