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  1. Regarding yourself Your (most common) RP name: Maya Vinokourov Your steam name: Snone / Maya Vinokourov Your steam ID: Maya Vinokourov SteamID [ STEAM_0:0:214151667 ] ] Amount of warns, with a screenshot: 0 Regarding the server Do you have other whitelists?: Yes i do, i have 096 WL, (Applied for HoMD) What is MTF E-11?: MTF E-11 (Nine-Tailed-Fox) is a Special Task Forces, that work undersupervision of MTF A-1 (Red-Right-Hand), E-11 mostly deal with Site Security and Recontainment Procedures, E-11 can be deployed within sites or even outside in worse case scenario What does MTF E-11 do on the server?: On the server E-11 are pretty much multi-tasked: I mean by that: Helping Security Forces with Site Security: Creating and manning Checkpoints, Retrieving escapees D's incase of a D-Personnel breach Helping MTF-Nu-7 during raids of GOI's with their weaponery and other equipments even recontainment of SCP's that have reached Surface Assisting Research Personnel during tests or even research Working with MTF B-7 to recontain SCP that are still on site MTF E-11 can also make sure that Security Protocols and Containment Procedures are applied correctly Why do you want to be part of MTF E-11?: I want to be part of MTF E-11 to gain responsability as i play mostly MTF B-7 CMDR/Unit where i'm only assisting E-11 and not much responsability is placed upon me, i want to prove myself and others if i'm able to procced with the same work with more responsability. Also applying the leadership i acquired as B-7 to E-11 and even improving it Misc Anything you wish to add?: Not much to say more
  2. In Game Name: Maya Vinokourov SteamID: Maya Vinokourov SteamID [ STEAM_0:0:214151667 ] Crafting Table experience level: I'm max level (level 125) What job does the Manufacturing Department have on site?: The Manufacturing Department is responsible for providing Security Forces and Mobiles Task Forces weapons ammunation as well as weaponery upgrades to took them at maximum efficiency. Manufacturing Department can also provide special equipments during breach (Micro HID) to Contaiment Unit (E-11 CMDR) for a better handling and faster recontainment process. Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the Head of Manufacturing?: I think i'll be a good fit for HoMD as i have a good leadership, i can have a good activity on the job, i also have a good knowledge of the job rules.
  3. RP Name: Maya Vinokourov SteamID: SteamID [ STEAM_0:0:214151667 ] Playtime: 4W 5D In-game warning: 0 Reading and Understanding of SCP-RP rules: I have read and understood SCP-RP rules Reading and Understanding of 096 rules (show knowledge): I have read and understood 096 rules While in CC: Must be sat and face wall (corner mostly) ( forbidden to face door aka failrp/failbreach) During chase: Allowed to kill people blocking way to target, Must only kill people who looked at the face When target killed: Must stop on spot, sat and face direction of killed target Playing 096 and Rping: I'm able to play 096 often and RP as it while respecting server and SCP rules SCP-096 Containment Procedures: Target (SCP-096-1) has to be terminated by either MTF-E-11/B-7 or by 096 itself, it will then proceed to sat, cry and enter once again the docile state MTF-E-11/B-7 will then proceed to bag 096 (containment cuff) and drag him back inside his CC Test D class runout: I will follow and kill the D class as my main target, if other personnel saw my face i will proceed the same until no more target. Once my target is dead i have to sat at the target spot and face the direction which i kill the target SCP-096-1 Chase (Researcher, MTF and D personnel): I have to kill them since they saw my face but i have to proceed in order of which saw first my face. It's a good RP scenario since it's a chain reaction it will be more difficult to recontain 096 during a chain reaction than a single target GOI: Even if when dragged someone saw my face by accident, i must proceed to kill the target as stated in SCP-096 rules, i must kill anyone who saw my face even by accident and i shoudn't ignore it