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  1. +1 Proven to be heterosexual, can't say the same for the rest of the current Discord Staff Team.
  2. If this was actual 4Chan you would have already been doxxed just because of how unfunny you are.
  3. In conclusion, both sides should touch the grass.
  4. >be me >be a member of the Communist Resistance in Berlin >be supposed to protect the civilian population from the grasp of the Fascist Oppressors and their injustice >walk inside store >request to purchase a camera >store owner sells it to me for 8,000RM a piece >I leave the store >I come back a couple of minutes later >randomly take a picture of his store for no apparent reason >he stops me from leaving his establishment, due to me literally photographing his business >he demands to see the film where I photographed his business >I give it to him and he destroys it, as he has the right to do so considering it is his own business >I feel personally offended due to the fact that I felt the consequences of violating a store and its owner >I demand 15,000RM (almost twice as much as what the entire camera itself costed me) from the Store Owner due to him not wanting me to photograph his store for no reason whatsoever >he gives me 50RM to compensate my imaginary film which realistically in RP would cost about 30-ish RM tops >I again feel personally offended, and vow to kidnap him >pull out a weapon, gunpoint the innocent store owner and shackle him >bring him outside of his establishment, begin being shot at >execute the Store owner because why not I guess >begin implying that Resistance members could have personal agenda against citizens, which in turn would usually get them outed from their 'liberation' movement Totally justified bro, trust me. Me pic related.
  5. +1 Resistance movement kidnapping and killing Citizens (or Business Owner in this case, case still stands) over pettiness that not even a Mafia Associate would kill over.
  6. Is this one also a 1 and a half months old newspaper
  7. Viktor


    Holy shit, it's Harland Kearney! Did the CAT perform a coup? We demand answers.
  8. hello reddit post a video of your cock and balls being crushed
  9. omw to dismount from a moving vehicle on top of another moving vehicle with my ak-47 ready to blast a nigga going 20 in a halftrack (i did not noclip)
  10. omw to gunpoint armored vehicle going above 15km/h +1
  11. why did you even have to make an admin abuse thread then? surely CAT (SYN & AUSTER) could take care of it themselves?