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  1. Pie


    Its way to big for most maps sadly jeka and cant be picked up laats
  2. What your suggestion is: More Jedi event playermodel characters Scriptfodder/workshop link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2290615606&searchtext= Any additional information: Add some more intresting playermodels to be used in jedi events Fat Jedi White robed man Black robed man Robed Man
  3. I wil be only looking at the event plan and not the person +1 Positives: Good event plan Nice Idea Nice jedi Idea Negatives Large amount of prop usage thought the event (Not biggest problem due to optimisation of vanquor)
  4. I will be judging the app only on event plan and not the person +1 Positives: Nice well laid out plan Nice use of ingame story telling Nice use of branching options Seams like it would be a fun event Negatives: Pretty simple jedi plan Not that orginal with the location of last stand (but thats alright)
  5. I will be only looking at the event itself and not the person Neutral Positives: Nice Jedi Idea Nothing wrong with the clone side Negatives: Very standard nothing unique (clone side)
  6. I will be only looking at the event itself and not the person Neutral Positives: Nice layout and easy to read, Two options for sith is nice Negatives: Both sides of the story are pretty bog standard, Regiment specific orders which make leading a event as battlion not fun Notes: This could deffinatly be expanded and become a much more intresting event as at the moment it is REALLY over used event idea
  7. I will be only looking at the event itself and not the person -1 Positives: Jedi Idea is cool and unique Negatives This event is very confiloted, and would require a lot of extra hands to do for example holotape protections like the one described would not work in game, and would require making a video. The plan basicly tells battlion their orders which should be avoided as it removes the fun out of leading, the attack is also very basic Also the Grammer makes it almost unreadable
  8. -1 These are not some great aaddons 1 Z-7 on sever already which is optimised and looks better than that imo 2 ship aint clone wars and is a shit version of a LAAT 3. AT-TE used to be used on sever but it was so slow and as such 212th never got perm to use, just wait for lfs