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  1. My In-Game name: STEAMID: ( Steam Name: What is the reason for your ban: How long were you banned for: Name of the staff member who banned you: Why do I believe that I should be unbanned: Evidence: Use that as a template, copy and paste it, don't make your own template otherwise it will get denied ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -1 You got banned for RDM x4 and ARDM x5 all on separate occasions so it couldn't count as MRDM
  2. +1 Heavy spam is not the way to go, would be more fun if you actually had to carefully do your attacks so you don't run out of stamina instead of button mashing w,a,s,d, shift and right-click.
  3. +1 Seems like a fun event to play and i like how its layed out, Jedi event doesn't have as much of the RP aspect as the clone side but it would still be good to play as a jedi in this event. Previous EP Expierence Good Playtime
  4. +1 I like the event idea, put together well also a good applicant.
  5. Neutral The problem is trying to re-balance the server weapons by buffing and nerfing certain things would just end up pointless if you add this and end up going in a circle trying to re-balance everything, looks hella cool not gonna lie but on this server I don't think it would be the best idea.
  6. Neutral Would be a good idea but this means CE would have to keep logs of every wookie chieftain that is flight trained and that's a pain, also RRM's are not speeder trained and usually don't have much problems with it and when it does come up staff deal with it.
  7. -1 The template is a bit screwed, you also didn't follow the guidelines and you're a CC u need to get trained first before u become batt. Try again in the future when you have a higher rank and get used to everything on the server.
  8. +1 Did a good job with events as SEP and EP ULX Experience Good staff app
  9. +1 He has 22w playtime so he would know what to do and what not to do Good application Has applied 7 times showing dedication 7th Time Lucky
  10. +1 Has previous battalion experience and is a good choice, don't need to say anything else
  11. +1 Great app Nice lad Been doing good as EP and has held previous high ranks and is known in the server with a good reputation.
  12. +1/Neutral Has gotten better since he has come back to the server and has shown a lot more maturity. Decent playtime As deltawind said it is a bit of an unoriginal event and jedi EC HP is a bit much and it would drag on. Maybe wait until you're SO and then I will +1
  13. +1 Good event idea Doing good in battalion Not talked to him much but seems like a chill guy
  14. +1 Good event idea very detailed Good Playtime Is mature and can be trusted with ULX Only problem like others have mentioned if the event doesn't go exactly to plan then there would be a lot of problems.