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  1. Well yes, keep in mind, the average soldiers inside the Custom Groups can still be interrogated and as the main body of a Custom Group with most slots, you can catch them if you focus on it. I wanted to balance it well and only give 1-2 Jobs in each custom group the ability to have this (Consortium = 2 Jobs; SJBO = 1 Job; Iron Fron = 2 Jobs). You can still interrogate people, just not the leaders, also they have Perfect Fake ID's in every Custom Group so it is in first place already hard to catch them. Reasonable from my perspective.
  2. Type of suggestion (job/vehicle/etc): Rule How important is your suggestion on a scale from 1 to 10: 5 Your suggestion: Adding Jobs to the Rule (Jobs that can withstand interrogation) Reasons for this suggestion: Due to Resistance Leader having the ability to withstand interrogation and all FG/SD/Gestapo CO's I believe it would be balanced if the same priviledges apply to the Custom Group Leadership (Co-Leaders and Leaders). Any relevant links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16tb1Meg1SAOSJrquyY55Z84yKtP7OxpgNfMVynsZIv4/edit?usp=sha
  3. 1. You need a proper Steam ID, not the Steam Link. (STEAM_0:1:111426729)
  4. yeah because its a bug. End of the discussion. No Abuse
  5. -1 The exact same thing happens to many people, saw a 1.SS patrol with 6 people getting killed with one shot by a shotgun.
  6. +1 In the Custom Group Meeting with Mauser we discussed variants as replacement for RuSHA, so this was considered. I believe a Criminal group to set some fire in the Custom groups would be quite fun to watch, this group influences behavior of SJBO and Consortium, possibly Embassy (If it ever comes back). The Reason this influences all Criminal custom Groups (Maybe even normal Groups): The Consortium, at the moment, has several deals and funds with the SJBO making it look like collaborators to communism for this specific group, this may start a war, but obviously, Consortium is only abo
  7. Jesper Magnus died 😔

  8. He meant the SteamID, not SteamID64
  9. +1 / Neutral If you were able to get into cover while being under gunpoint and you know for SURE that you won't be killed if you step behind (like that scenario on the Embassy that was suggested by Barney) then FearRP was not in effect. Realistically you could've jumped back behind the wall or dropped down and be behind safe concrete cover and he wouldn't be able to do anything. Unless you were standing on top of the concrete, then you would've had to follow the FearRP. Neutral cos idk the actual scenario; +1 because it seems legit if it happened like I described it. Maybe @Mojave0161st
  10. Jan Meier died 😔

    Mf got Name PK'd bcs a Mafia guy kidnapped him and he took cyanide.


    Alamy stock photo kinda funny

  11. Give us an actual SteamID I recommend this website: https://steamid.io/
  12. Use the Template Your Ban was decided by the Staff Manager. Just wait 1d and 6h. Also, you should gather evidence (not witnesses) to defend you in this case.
  13. +1 I wonder where the realistic aspect comes from to get warned for driving someone over because he literally jumped infront of your car. I mean, you are in all the right, unless the individual was walking on a crossroad in which aspect you would've had to stop unless you were involved in a RP scenario such as a Police Chase.