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    +1/neutral Will be a good addition to CE and maybe scouting. Small file size. Would be good for passive RP. May be forgotten about. Some people may see this as useless.
  2. -1 It's simple you advertised another server. Consequently you were issued a ban.
  3. -1 The warns you had picked up in 1 day is extreme, I think it was 7 warns. Keeping in mind you didn't even get trained and just minged on VIP jobs. There were multiple more occasions where you were prop spamming etc and I had to give you a verbal warning on multiple occasions. Furthermore as Clopter said you had just got back from a previous ban, so concludingly if you had learn your lesson you would come back with at least some intent to roleplay which by your actions doesn't seem present to me.
  4. -1 I was in fact there when this happened, The situation was that there was props blocking the entrance and exit to your "bar" . The CG was trying to arrest the CT's regardless and they were blocked inside by the props so unable to be arrested. From my point of view this warn was justified.
  5. +1 -Great guy -Competent -Knows ULX -VC of CT
  6. -1 - Nice guy - Low playtime - Decent rank in Jedi, try and get higher in clone or Jedi. Try and up that playtime definitely Gl!
  7. +1 One of the best candidates. Great guy. Very high IC ranks. Been staff before so knows ULX . gl
  8. +1 Great applicant. Amazing person. ARC Colonel. Very competent. Good luck!
  9. Neutral/-1 Proper lad, really nice. Good playtime. The App has missing parts Always worth many re-reads before submitting for checks of even the little things. Best of luck!