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  1. and that gaming light is first on the list
  2. I didint read i had think it will just go down
  3. Server you got banned from: Game Mode: SCP RP Server: Wear Wolf GamingYour name in-game:i forgotYour SteamID:STEAM_0:1:173490393Admins' name that banned you:i forgotAdmin's steamID:Why did you get banned?:for mic spam and i think it was NLR but i mis clicked on server and i got perm banned ihad other server and miss clicked on wearwolf scp it should of been gaminglight serverEvidence(Un-necessary):Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:Cause i want to play server and i read all important rules i didint mean to click on the wearwolf scp server for real i was just in hurry caus i was cal
  4. please unban me i will be kicked out of regiment and please unban me im really sorry belive me i am really sorry
  5. i am sorry belive me im sorry i didint know that i cant go and kill them
  6. My In-Game name: STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:173490393 Steam Name:[W-G] LawnMatrix What is the reason for your ban:AMRDM How long were you banned for:1 week Name of the staff member who banned you:OS Squad Leader F59 Bobby Bands(STEAM_0:0:167528487) Why do I believe that I should be unbanned:cause im sorry and i will never going to do it again.So please im sorry i wont ever AMRDM ever again. Evidence:
  7. Server you got banned from:SCP Your name in-game:Beast Tail: i think i dont rememberYour SteamID:STEAM_0:1:173490393Admins' name that banned you:i dont remember.Admin's steamID:i dont remember.Why did you get banned?:NLR X3 i think there is more but i dont remember.Evidence(Un-necessary):i dont haveWhy do you deserve to be unbanned?:Cause it has been long time without playing and i wish to be unbanned from server cause i like playing scp server i dont love star wars and if i said some bad stuff im sorry for that i was im now 14 and i would like to be un banned please.Anything else?:Please
  8. do you guys have i soul i said i im sorry
  9. Server you got banned from:SCP RP Your name in-game:Beast Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:173490393 Admins' name that banned you:i dont know Admin's steamID: Why did you get banned?:Bypass Evidence(Un-necessary): Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:cause wearwolf gaming scp rp was first server that i played when i bought game an i was sad when i got ban and i tried to get in with new account and i saw permban i was crying and asking admins to please unban me but nobody belive that i wont do it again every body was saying that all youtubers are doing fake unban but im not youtub
  10. Thanks im going to talk with him and than i will yous Steam Overview
  11. yeah you are right i should calm down
  12. I cant anymore he is litterly dumb as hell and i said i didint play for a year
  13. Im going to kill my little brother he is only one who play the servers on my gomd account and told him rules i think he will follow rules on my acc and that stupid idiot im going to beat that litle brat
  14. Server you got banned from:SCP-RP Gmod Your name in-game:LawnMatrix Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:173490393 Admins' name that banned you:Don t know Admin's steamID:Don t Know Why did you get banned?:For real i dont know why did i got ban i didint play SCP RP WearWolf server like for 1 year. Evidence(Un-necessary):I dont have evidence. Why do you deserve to be unbanned?:Cause i got ban for i do not know why Anything else?:Why did i got Ban i litterly didint play server like 1year
  15. Please give me another chance give me ban 1 year or 2 year but please dont leave perm ban