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  1. Denied. Olli used to be Server Management Team, as well is a long time staff member. I put great trust in his professionalism and his judgement.
  2. Denied. User in question attempted to bypass current ban due to the ban wipe being reset accidently.
  3. Denied. User had clear malicious intention.
  4. Norra


    @Xuntyeah fuck you! whore! stop taking away my free speech!
  5. Norra


    No, thats the thing they are good at. It's like a knockoff food but then you go "Hey, this is better"
  6. Norra


    Actually NRP copied from SCP, all of their entities were coded by our past developer TomSa. This includes the weapon vendor, the ammo armory, the comms channels, and the disguise vendor Just admit, we are the better server
  7. This job suggestion may be used in the future, until then I am locking this thread.
  8. Denied. We do not trust the user on returning to the server.
  9. User isn't banned, could've been a temp ban.
  10. Denied. As the other comments say, there is no real evidence of these claims. As well this type of excuse is used often when lying. I am not saying you are lying but we can't believe you.
  11. Denied. We do not trust the user on returning to the server.
  12. Denied. If you were banned from all servers, I believe you have been community banned.