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  1. I understand that seperating ones characters is a hard task. However it should’ve honestly never got to this point. I remember once having ambushed and destroyed a Caesar tank just to moments later join Caesar myself and face the concequences. It’s neither fun sometimes, nor is it easy. However if you can’t handle it then perhaps playing as these two characters isnt suitable for you.
  2. I mean I could, but if I already can include em, nco and co in just three then I don’t really see a reason to, unless I add another specialised role. (Fair enough, I’ll add the SS General ranks. ”Insert trollface emoji here”)
  3. Thank you for your feedback. I did anticipate that the lack of promotions could make it feel repetitive to players without some kind of reward system. So unlike splitting the group job slots based on rank, like most other reich custom groups have done so far, I instead decided to make the job slots based on their spexialised role. This makes everyone starting in the role equivalent to SS-Mann/Schütze and able to work their way up all the way to Senior NCOs, regardless of active slots. This is also the same reason there are three CO slots suggested. Instead of everybody magically being recruited into an NCO rank.
  4. I mean to be honest, wouldn’t the kasiernite polizei just do the same tasks as Responding to raids and such that is.
  5. I wouldn’t call this a passiverp group as scharfshützes and accompanying radiomen wouldn’t be considerably passive. I do understand your concern, but I do feel as if this is a great way for the SS to involve reconaissance. I believe that other regiments have a hard time applying reconaissance due to them focused on too many other things at hand and a group focused on it particurlarly may actually provide information of use. Unlike the typical ”fast blast” tactics they use now, we could supply them with information very quickly under the time that they organise themselves. Real time information recieving whilst making plans elsewhere.
  6. scouting and forwarding information for the to coordinate an attack upon. We’ll be the eyes and ears, you’ll be the brain and muscle. I mean atleast that’s what we’ll train ourselves to be. Also we'll have your back with armored vehicles if Mausers idea gets respected.
  7. I mentioned this to you, but perhaps it's worth letting everybody know. I decided to pick something that wouldn't require many vehicles and equipment as I believed that might deter the SMTs from approving the group. The thought of a custom group "outshining" an actual reich job. However I do indeed agree with your statement and would be glad to make those changes if it was to be encouraged by the SMTs. At the same time I wanted to make something different from the tasks of the 1.SS which I believe this could be. The real life equivalent to the group used atleast 15 halftracks, 10 of which were armored with MGs or Grenade throwers. (Link to swedish wikipedia article, english not written) And whilst not entirely historically accurate, throwing in a lil tanky wouldn't hurt... EDIT: In that case we would also use the panzerwrap with an ”A cypher” pac3 shoulder board for distinction.
  8. SS-Panzer-Aufklärungs Abteilung 11 “Nordland” History In February 1943, Hitler ordered the creation of an SS division which would be inhabited by foreign volunteers. In March 1943, the SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment Nordland, a Scandinavian volunteer regiment, was separated from the SS Division Wiking to be used as the nucleus for the new division. The Nordland's two Panzergrenadier regiments were also given titles that referenced the location where the majority of the regiment's recruits were from, SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 23 Norge (Norway) and SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 24 Danmark (Denmark). Both regiments had additional men made up of conscripts from Hungary. SS-Panzer-Aufklärungs Abteilung 11 “Nordland” was one of the twenty components making up 11. SS Freiwilligen-Panzergrenadier-Division Nordland, tasked with reconnaissance of enemy tank activity. Role on the server The purpose of the custom group would be to host reconnaissance training in outer Berlin, especially in the lake/compound area. The training would be mostly spotting enemy activity and its ability to relay this information in a constructive and composite way to be used by other regiments, such as “Caesar” or 1.SS. A big importance will be put in radio relaying and the ability to not get spotted and assassinate high value targets if instructed to from a long distance. When events are held on the server, the group would be involved via non-combat RP information gathering as previously mentioned. The enlisted men will be tasked with taking part in training and prove themselves to become NCOs. The NCOs will be tasked with hosting and come up with training as well as to recruit new conscripts into the group. The COs will be charged with overseeing the NCOs, making sure the trainings and results are up to standard, handle and report its finances to the SS-WVHA, representing the group and maintaining good relations with other regiments as well as report to the inspektors of the Waffen-SS to meet their standards. OOC-wise this is the training they would have received before being sent to Croatia to fight slovakian partisans at the end of 1943. As it is a volunteer legion, conscripts from other countries are to be expected, meaning players can choose to roleplay as non-german, european, preferably nordic/scandinavian, aryan characters. Something that is currently lacking on the server as the WSS had plenty of these divisions in real life. The group will not involve themselves in the business of the 1.SS, Allgemeine-SS or any other reich regiment unless asked to by someone of their authority and will be overseen by the Allgemeine-SS and liable to the Hauptamt SS-Gericht, something that will add more to the roleplay within the SS as a whole without being disruptive. The real life version of this group used to have access to armored and non-armored halftracks, however the group should be fine without them (perhaps they could have kubelwagens instead?), as outer Berlin is close to the MOI. An office space in the MOI would be greatly appreciated, but is also not a must have. Job One: Slots: 3 Name: Truppführer der 11.SS “FPD Aufklärungs Abteilung Nordland” Type: CO Equipment: P08, German Binoculars, shackles Abilities: /ss comms, /11ss comms, /reich comms, (/1ss comms?), vehicles Model: Informal uniform for CO M42 Camo WSS uniform for CO Job Two: Slots: 3 Name: Scharfschütze der 11.SS “FPD Aufklärungs Abteilung Nordland” Type: EM/NCO Equipment: Kar98K, Scope, P08, German Binoculars Abilities: /ss comms, /11ss comms, /reich comms Model: Informal WSS uniform for EM and NCO M42 Camo WSS uniform for EM and NCO Job Three: Slots: 4 Name: Funker der 11.SS “FPD Aufklärungs Abteilung Nordland” Type: EM/NCO Equipment: P08, German Binoculars, smoke grenades Abilities: /ss comms, /11ss comms, /reich comms Model: Informal WSS uniform for EM and NCO M42 Camo WSS uniform for EM and NCO (Pac3 would be made for the custom collar tab and cuff title.)
  9. You could force someone who already come with hadcuffs equipped, like OrPo, to drop them for you. However, your job won't allow you to actually use them to search someones inventory for example. A shame really.
  10. Zollgrenzschutz History and Background Zollgrenzschutz (ZGS) (lit. 'Customs Border Guards') was an organization under the German Finance Ministry from 1937 to 1945. It was charged with guarding Germany's borders, acting as a combination Border Patrol and Customs & Immigration service. It originated in the early 19th century as a tariff enforcement unit of the Prussian government. Reorganized in 1919 under the Weimar Republic following World War I, it gradually became more militarized and transformed into a paramilitary force, also due to the economic woes of blockade, inflation and Great Depression. In Nazi Germany it was reformed again in 1937 by Fritz Reinhardt, a State Secretary of the Finance Ministry. It came to comprise about 50,000 officials. The Border Police (Grenzpolizei), which had the tasks of passport and border control, was different from the Customs Border Guards. (Zollgrenzschutz). Heinrich Himmler tried to bring the Zollgrenzschutz under the control of the Schultzstaffel (SS), which was unsuccessful at first. During the war, the units were used in occupied territories outside of Germany. A significant portion of younger officials were recruited to the Wehrmacht, leaving the Zollgrenzschutz with older men. After the 20 July 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler, the units were taken out of the control of the Finance Ministry and placed under Amt IV (Gestapo) of the Reich Security Main Office RSHA. Political allignment and Ideology It remained "neutral" and was not politically involved or active. It had remained in service even before the rise of Adolf Hitler and strived to maintain its goal of keeping the country safe regardless of political views or powers. Implementation serverwise - Patrolling the "border" of Berlin (outskirts of the map) for intruders and illegal activity etc, as most reich patrols are performed inside the city. - Training in regards to spotting enemy activity and the use of landmines in the border region. - Manning the city checkpoints from time to time and checking IDs and for weapons, as the booths mostly stand empty. - Inspecting incoming goods via truck or buss entering Berlin. (- Enforce a road toll when entering/exiting Berlin, at NSDAP Finance discretion.) (-Aiding Ordnungspolizei in raids targeting illegal tobacco, moonshine and anything deemed harmful to the reich and its economy customswise.) Public Documents Ranks in correlation to GD and OrPo: Custom Jobs(s) rgb (179, 255, 0) Lime Green Job One: Slots: 3 Name: Offiziere der Zollgrenzschutz Type: CO of ZGS Equipment: Same as OrPo CO but with added binoculars (if not already). Abilities: Same as OrPo CO Model: OrPo CO, looks almost identical. Job Two: Slots: 7 Name: Unteroffiziere der Zollgrenzschutz Type: NCO of ZGS Equipment: Same as OrPo NCO, but with added binoculars and without rifles. P38 or P08 instead. Abilities: Same as OrPo NCO Model: OrPo NCO, looks almost identical.
  11. I have confronted each and everyone of Leopolds arguments with a counter-arguments. That is how debates work. I am not tolerating it. Tolerating would be leaving his insulting remarks unanswered. Im surprised I had to explain that to you. I assume you are uneducated or around 12-16 years old give or take based on this information. And of course you make a joke about my sex life, as you have nothing else to work with. You know nothing about my sex life.
  12. ah yes if only i was an active member in "#job-advertisements". perhaps "schneider on duty" could kindly ask the higher ups to update the thread thanks.
  13. ok, he started it. ill let the iq thingy slip cause ur just backing ur friend up i guess. The fact is that the RSHA handles matters that they shouldn't or that there are possible roleplay scenarious for the Abwehr that the RSHA arent doing. Wehrmacht related intelligence should be conducted by Abwehr. Are you kidding me? The forums and OOC chat is crawling with toxic attitude. I am not saying that we need more of this but it would be ridiculous to have your example as a reason to dislike this idea, seeing as it is strictly IC. If one should argue that the IC arguing would convert to OOC arguing then one may suggest relabelling this server as something other than "Serious RP". For examples of blatant toxic attitude I'll refer you to some of the posts made in this thread itself (look above). This is fair. This argument stands. I can't really say anything against it. But it wouldn't hurt to add it as a job slot, seeing as I am suggesting continuity for the group itself. A group with this much authority shouldn't be picked at random. (And before you ask/assume, no I am not suggesting that I should be picked, I am simply suggesting that this group is created).
  14. Kasernierte Polizei is being reinstated. If 1.SS fails after this then you have me convinced.