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  1. no, just what is this denied
  2. STtTOP reACTINgg TO everything i SAY wiTH :SAD:


  3. CV Results @Tikomatura - Lyren Trou Denied - Nice autobiography, but not a CV. Reapply in 2 weeks if interested
  4. CV Results @Jay Gregg Denied - Casually went to a Medical school to not work in anything related to it, poor feedback from agents, failed to add image of warns/time Reapply in 2 weeks if interested
  5. CV Results @oliver crisp Denied - your app confused us Reapply in 2 weeks if interested
  6. -1 
    keeps putting crying emojis on my posts 😕

  7. that was the addition of !pm, not the ability for staff to enable/disable
  8. Isn't in current ISD/No mention of him in the previous spreadsheets for it Neutral regarding app btw
  9. CV Results @Foxie gamer Denied - not keen on the multiple metagaming warns - [REDACTED] a tonne... it is clearance 4 - Also i'd recommend using a auto-corrector for your CV after creating @Peter file Denied - Written closer to a biography than a CV @Richard Steiner - Accepted (app is on the short side but decent in past) Reapply in 2 weeks if interested
  10. CV Results @YorBros Accepted @AlexMagus Accepted - Extended Trial John Stance Accepted @John Killvel I Sammy Denied - Wrote something closer to a biography instead of CV Reapply in 2 weeks if interested