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  1. Hi, This will be my last reply, and it will be quite brief. If you want to suggest some rules then suggest them on the main discord in the community suggestions channel, they will be reviewed by Server Management Team. Main Discord: Also, After speaking with a Senior Staff member they questioned why i had not banned you already, so in my opinion you are lucky you are not banned. I would recommend you read the rules of the server so you can properly RP and we can avoid this situation. Regarding you thinking i should not be staff or not, that is SMT's
  2. Hi, So, i came back to my pc today to a sit about you. Your name was "Adolf Hitlerburg" , i took you to the FailRP name room where i told you you would be warned for FailRP Name Tier 1, you then changed your name and i returned you to your rp as normal. After that i recieved DMs from a member of the Wehrmacht, i will show the photos below There were many more photos however they were just the same thing. I then teleported to you and told you not to do this and told you you would be warned and then banned if you did it again, you also admitted this to me. You received a
  3. I don't really know why there are +1s when this is clear mingery, although this is the "AFK room" , it is still mingy to put signs up saying "Fixtermans is gay" That is my response, although sort, that is all i have to say about this Good luck, Grau
  4. Hi, I was the one that saw your /me however that's not the issue or reason you were demoted. You were demoted for being PKd twice and causing constant drama within the NSDAP. We do not need to provide an IC reason as to why you were demoted however just to clarify this is got approval from Server Management Team (the Stv. Gauleiter) to completely remove you and your friend for making drama. It was a joint decision between the entire CO team and High Command to remove you, so this ban request isn't really valid as it wasn't Hausen's decision to demote you Good Luck ! Some pi
  5. Hi, I've liked Stellmans post in full agreement along with Kraz's. You received a lot of warns in a short amount of time. From what i have experienced with you, you have to be told multiple times before changing your behaviour etc. For example you had a pac where you were drunk and throwing up everywhere, and you had to be told many times by different staff including senior staff and SMT to get rid of it before you actually did. Although when i have spoke to you in TeamSpeak you are a 'nice guy' i still think that you could improve your playstyle before you become a Staff member. Reg
  6. Hi, 1. You didn't use the template. 2. This is an IC Situation and wasn't even my order. 3. I was told directly by SMT if you continued to create drama you would be banned. As you were going around in spawn telling other people who are now questioning me and other members about something which is private and none of their concern. 4. You were executed in character and removed from NSDAP for being a total minge and many other things. Thats the 2nd time you have been executed in the NSDAP, surely this should tell you something. We are not the ones in the
  7. -1 I've never seen you play as this crazy bus driver you talk about, although others may have. However when you play civilian you act retarded and do stupid stuff constantly. I don't think insulting Stellman or questioning reasons why he bans other people is going to help your case at all. All in all, i know you are extremely childish and if i was still a Staff member and saw you crashing into things and being a stupid bus driver i would've most likely told you to stop / warned you for FailRP for driving too dangerously without any other rp reason other than you are crazy.
  8. After reading your application it shows you would know what to do in most situations. I also know that you are familiar with ULX and that you are interested in the duties of Staff Members. Your application is well written and detailed which shows the dedication you posses regarding becoming a Staff Member. You do however have a high amount of warns, but i believe you would be able to stop others from doing that as you haven't been warned for a while. Overall i give this a +1 and wish you the best of luck - Grau
  9. +1 The Application shows an interest in History and this server, you have evidently taken time to write this application with great detail. You seem to have a good understanding of what a Staff member would do in certain situations as well as good rule knowledge. You are a well known and liked member of the community, your rank shows Competency both IC and OOC. You have a good personality and are always willing to help others, i think you would be a great addition to the staff team. I wish you the best of luck with this application - Grau
  10. Hi, It was me who banned your friend. I banned him for ERP,i gave him many chances to explain himself but he just ignored me. He admitted to what he did but then just stopped talking after that. This is his own doing, i would say try re appealing later on.
  11. After consideration of what i should put on here, ive decided that i will +1 this application. Due to your long service and hardwork in the NSDAP, and the fact that i have worked with you for a while and know your professionalism and your dedication and interest within the party. I know that recently you have been less active due to your current position not requiring so much activity, however i've seen you on daily for many hours when you were Amtsleiter and i believe you could do that again if you were accepted into the Staff team. Although sometimes you get frustrated with people over
  12. I am actually amazed by the amount of work that has gone into this. I personally enjoy the mosque every Friday in the white mansion and i think this would be a great addition to the server, with the recent activity of the new custom group not being so good, i think perhaps this could work instead. Obvioulsy there are many options for custom groups but i think this is a good one. +1 from me, good luck.
  13. +1 Really detailed application, correct answers and good historical knowledge. You have alot of experience and I have known you for a while now, i recommend you 100%, i've seen your great staff work in SCP and think you would be a great addition to the WW2 Staff team. I wish you the best of luck with this application.
  14. Your application is good quality and i believe you would make a good staff member, hence why i recommended you. However you could perhaps have added a bit more detail to your scenario answers. You are an extremely competent Oberleutnant in Bruno and i believe that you will prosper within the army in the future. You are kind to all of your men and a respectable person, i wish you luck with this application. +1 from me