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  1. +1 Mature and good guy He knows how to deal with Staff Situations and also has been staff before the App is well written and I would def want him back in the Staff team I wish you the best of luck Banshee! Greetings, Krauser
  2. +1 Very good guy mature and is very dedicated to the Server he knows all the rules and also knows how to deal with these situations even as a Member of the Community without being Staff for me thats a big argument and the app over all also shows it I am looking forward to see you in the Staff team good luck! Greetings, Krauser
  3. Hello Dear Applicant you left during the FG had arrested you and told you to stay afterwards what you did was you Called him a "cunt" and left the server what is obviously LTARP since you were in a RP situation and were being interiogated Since you cant just leave when being in a RP situation like this. Greetings, Krauser
  4. Let me explain why my actions are valid and are with good reason The screen shot that you show of me "abusing no clip" actually shows me dismounting from the AFV Due to client side and our vehicles being close in proximity, I actually dismounted on to your half track, but because of server lag / client side connection, I am displaced to your right. I dismounted to on top of your half track and had you under gunpoint (on my screen) You kept moving long enough that I slid off the side of the vehicle (after being held at gunpoint) So, I entered no clip, to reach up to the half track, to gunpoint you again, because I wanted to give you another chance, instead of pulling you back with my physgun and just warning you right there and then. Yet, you kept driving off under gunpoint, so, I warned you for "FailRP - Breaking FearRP" It states in the Trial Moderator Mentoring guide: While playing as a job, you are still on duty: you are always on duty Which directly advises me to use my administrative powers to prevent rule breaking, which you in fact commit. Even, if in an IC situation, such as the one provided. Greetings, Krauser
  5. I Literally had to drag you into a sit To explain it to you as you can see it at the end of the Video.
  6. You Do Realize You were stopped multiple times before that I literally had to go in Noclip to actually stop you and take you in a sit I literally even yelled at you that you have to Stop before and you continued on driving
  7. does this not count as car surfing, is that not FailRP? Car surfing is 10 times diffrent then what happend in that video. I Didnt want him to continue breaking rules and drive into to the city cause It coulve been a possibility of him being a Minge so I stopped him with my Phsygun he cut out the part where He drove against something and had stopped and I were ontop of his vehicle.
  8. Good Day So When you were in the Halftrack I were already ontop of your Vehicle and you Continued on Driving Even tough I told you to stop so what I did was I went in to noclip and Tried to get you out of the Vehicle so I can get you up to a Roof and make a sit out of this situation since you werent Listening and you tought that its not possible to be Gunpointed if someone is ontop of your vehicle inside I had explaiend you this multiple times but you didnt listen and I brought you up to a roof and Warned you simple as that Please show the rest of the Video clip where you are in the sit with me aswell next time Dankeschön. PS: Not to mention you had stopped earlier on aswell and (I had been already on your roof you cut out the part where I already was on your roof) with the vehicle since you drove into the wall and then When we had you cut off you tried to drive away again If you have the full video clip of it I would appreciate it if you could post it. Greetings, Krauser
  9. +1 I agree with May and Bierschenk and have nothing more to say since I agree with all points also I had a lot of bad experince with them aswell and just can agree that these kind of weird situations were not rare. Greetings, Krauser
  10. -1 It would be nice if you could provide us with some proof of what went down a Video recording wouldnt be to bad besides that not all props are Blacklisted if you have a basic understanding on what Serious RP is and if you read the rules then there wouldnt be issues like this happening at all Not all props are Blacklisted that are FailRP besides that it looks like a Military Outpost I agree with May on that one I think you should be able to tell what a vaccination centre looks like if you go to one near your home. Greetings,Krauser
  11. Greetings, Applicant you were banned due to RDMIng Hugo Stainer in the Spawn as it was shown in the logs when I checked and was provided evidence with I took action and banned you. Greetings Krauser
  12. Greetings, I was watching you when this happend, there was 2 SS members following you as you can see on the Video and they were both close enough in range Especially Hugo he was in range telling you to stop running under GP and behind him there was another SS and 4 ORPO's were also able to be seen on the Video. You were outnumberd you had your gun out and you still wouldnt have been able to counter due to Superior force, There were to many and you were still breaking FearRP its clear to see in the video also towards the end on how many people were trying to Stop you. I have been there the whole time and watched this Situation since you already have a Tier I you shouldve learned from your past mistake on how to deal with situations like this. Greetings, Krauser
  13. +1 Pretty good application was looking forward for it The only thing that could become a problem for you is your activity if so thats why as a Staff member its important to be active and mature and be able to handle stressfull situations but I am sure you will be able to do so I wish you the best of luck and looking forward to see you in the Staff Team! Greetings, Krauser