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  1. Denied Senior Staff Assisted in this Case, and with Previous Warnings, the Ban shall Remain.
  2. Accepted Hopefully you have learnt your lesson during this ban, please do not do this sort of action again, and read our rules before joining the server once more to avoid this situation from occurring.
  3. 2017/18? But there was a playtime reset in like mid to late 2018 so those figures are slightly incorrect and not true representations.
  4. Accepted Will be banned for 2 days (if 1st time offence, and not a time out).
  5. Unban Request Template - WW2-RP Unban/Unwarn Requests - Werwolf Gaming.net No Template, No Unban.
  6. Fucking Hell that Resolution. Tag Given. Locked.
  7. Someone is already on the forums with the name "borat koslowski", and is banned. As such I shall not give this account Plat VIP as a result.
  8. Accepted Both to be Permanently banned and warnings to vary, but be many.